Figs Anyone?

This is a tale posted by a friend and fellow blogger, Julie Cook.  I felt every bit of it in my own toothless mouth, having been there and done that .  What I didn’t know before was the origin of that little hand gesture….

“To eat figs off the tree in the very early morning, when they have been barely touched by the sun, is one of the exquisite pleasures of the Mediterranean.” Elizabeth David (this past summer’s plucking–a fig resting on a bed of fresh herbs / Julie Cook / 2017) There’s eating figs, figs stuffed with blue […]

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Wish I Could Be Samantha

Who remembers “Bewitched”?  Especially the character, Samantha, played by Elizabeth Montgomery, a beautiful modern day witch, married to a mortal who was kinda leery of her witchcraft.  Some days, um, make it almost every day, I would love to have those powers if only to make cleaning this apartment easier.  Just imagine — need the stuff I’ve been working (read: playing) with put away?  All I would have to do is wiggle my nose and POUF!  It would all be done immediately.  Same thing for bringing out the necessary materials for my next project.  The only real drawback I can think of for this approach would be trying to find the stuff again.  Lord knows I have enough trouble finding things I put away myself, so I shudder to think what would happen to things others, including witchcraft, put away for me.


This little character, one of my favorite visitors, is Tessa.  She has put a lot of my stuff away during some visits.  I’ve learned the secret of finding the stuff she helps me with though, I just have to get down to her level.  Since she is less than a foot tall I have to admit that is difficult, but on days I don’t really have to get back off the floor for an hour or twenty it is doable.  Once I could sit cross-legged on the floor for hours, guitar in hand/arms, pickin’ and grinnin’ with my sis, and then stand without using my arms for leverage.  My memories of those days is becoming vague now, but I do have photographic evidence some place in this apartment so I know it happened.  Tessa and I could have communicated well back then.  Even when my own little Max was still with me I could get down to his level while we played his idea of fun games, like chewing up my slippers or destroying my socks (the little stinker!)  but once again, even my hair roots protest when I consider trying that again.  At the moment I have a couple of trays of beads spilled on the floor that I keep trying to pick up by wiggling my nose, but there is absolutely no Samantha in me at all.  You just don’t know what futility feels like until you are staring down a string of unstrung beads, trying to will them back up to the work surface.  The same goes for my yarn, hooks, photos, colored pencils, even some kitchen utensils I knock over.   Hey, I never pretended to be graceful!  All I can do is stand there at times wondering how long it takes for some of the stuff to deteriorate and disappear while hoping it doesn’t develop an odor on the way out!  Just for the record — I try to pick up all spilled food and drink as soon as I find it, but there have been a couple of times — well, let’s just say they weren’t pretty and let it go at that.

Okay, so now since I can’t wiggle my nose and make the groceries I need come to me, the only recourse is to drag out my coat, and hat, and scarf, and gloves (I hope to find two of the same color someplace eventually), grab my bags and climb aboard my chariot for the two blocks to Kroger’s — in this horrible cold snap.  None of that four letter white stuff to navigate though and for that I am very thankful.  Love looking at pictures of it but sure hate looking out my window and seeing it.

Y’all have a Happy, Healthy, and most of all, SAFE and Peace-filled New Year. A

Let’s See If This Flies

I’m not sure what will happen here now, but if there is anyone out there who follows me on this venue, please spread the word that I have deleted all other sites in what is probably a futile attempt to regain control of my own blog and content.  The WP “Happiness Engineers” have not made me happy, instead throwing one roadblock after another in my way in every attempt I have made over the past year to fix my site so it can be found.  I have now deleted every site except this one and if it is not accepted in a way that my friends can find it, then it will also be deleted and I will simply find a way to get by without writing.

Writing has always been the way I have found to express my feelings, both good and bad over the years.  This is my outlet, the thing that has saved my sanity on more than one occasion, but now with all the roadblocks being thrown in my way I’m just too frustrated to continue beating my head against that solid concrete wall.  I will find another way to continue blogging but at this point I’m just not sure what that way will be.  I am so totally frustrated by all attempts to just find this blog so I can add posts to it that it just isn’t worth the effort any longer. 23376354_543753655960080_5107827211550388878_n My hope is that I can start an entirely new site, having no relationship at all to my previous, futile efforts, and wipe the reflectionsonlife part out of the equation completely.  It never worked.  I could never find it myself, so how could anyone else?  So, here goes nothing!


Baby It’s Cold Outside

And getting colder by the second.  Rainy weather just seems to do that here, but given a choice between the rain and the possibility of snow (a definite 4-letter word) I prefer to have my moisture falling in rain form.  I’ve only hydroplaned one time in the rain, but just can’t count high enough to outline the times I’ve slipped on the ice and snow!  A couple of times I was even in my car and went into the snow banks.  Getting out of those puppies was a story in and of itself.

My first spectacular slip and fall was when I was a senior in high school at Mount St. Joseph Academy.  I came running down the stairs from the dorm, a serious infraction only when we got caught, hit a patch of black ice and in a flash was looking up at the sky rather than toward the dining room.  Back then I think I was hungry all the time, and we had some of the best food in the world coming into that dining room.  I even learned to love liver and onions there, something I would have said was impossible before eating it in that dining room.  Well, off point as usual.  To get back to that fall, the usual penalty for being caught running down the steps was to have to go back up and walk down a couple of times.  At least getting the wind knocked out of me that morning made that a moot point.  If I remember correctly, I reacted the same way then as I do now while looking up at the concerned faces of my classmates and the dorm monitor — I just began laughing!  You have to admit that was a ludicrous position to be in even in icy situations.  Later in life I would try to just hide from anyone who was looking.  Mmm, sometimes it worked.

The one time I really could have used some help was just a few (well, 16 – 17 years) ago.  I was attempting to clean the ice off my windshield before heading out to work.  One second I was standing on the curb chipping at what felt like a foot deep incrustation on the windshield, the next one I was under the car, looking up at the incredibly blue sky and the tree limbs.  I hadn’t seen that view before so just decided to stick around in that position and enjoy the view.  I also needed some time to figure out exactly how I would get out from under the car without being seen by everyone on the block, all of them doing the same thing — chipping ice off windshields.  One would think that it would be as easy to slide out as it was to slide under, but since the under part was involuntary, it really took a long time to get out of that situation.  This was on a Friday — I remember that so well because it was going to be a short day at work, and I ended up making it even shorter by calling in for the day.  Kinda wrenched my back a bit during the trip down, or the impact maybe.  It didn’t bother me as long as I was frozen but once everything thawed out, let’s just say it began to smart!

Have you ever noticed the way you “dance” when you hit ice?  I bore easily, so that’s a favorite thing for me to notice, having done it myself.  Arms windmill, feet dance around scrambling for traction, that slow, steady journey from being an adult, making your way slowly downward, spiraling out of control, mouth open but no sound coming out, knowing you really don’t want this part to end because the landing will definitely NOT be pleasant, that entire lifetime passing before unbelieving eyes as you go down in slow motion until SPLAT! the whole thing is over and you begin inventory to make sure all body parts are still attached and undamaged.  Gee, I almost miss that feeling of relief when you discover you are okay.

And now I am getting hungry from all this falling already.  I thing last night’s leftover lasagna is calling my name, then on to another round of brown ‘n serve rolls — making them, that is.  Maybe even more ice cream (just threw that in for my cousin who tells me I make her jealous and hungry), sorry Diane.  Have a good last minute shopping weekend.  A. 

If We Don’t Visit Again—


She will be helping us celebrate this Christmas!  Although I will probably never have the untold pleasure of holding this little angel in my arms, I am so happy I have the photos to keep me updated on this precious gift from God, little Victoria, now almost 2 months old and already a true beauty.  We are celebrating the birth of  two babies this year — the first one born in a manger because of no room at the inn, and this one, Victoria, born in a hospital with all the care deemed necessary for new babies and moms today.  The original new baby, born in Bethlehem, came to save us all.  The only thing we have to do is believe in the love He came to tell us about.  The new baby will have purpose, love in abundance, and all the comfort she needs to make it through what I pray will be a long and loving lifetime.  She definitely has the family to provide all that she needs.  My prayer is that she learns to know the difference between “need” and “want”.  She has the same potential to help change the world as every child ever born.  I know her parents, my grandson, Alan and his lovely and loving wife, Maggie, will do their parts to ensure this, but in the world today I can’t help wondering what will be ahead for them all.  Welcome to the world, Victoria.  May the baby born all those millennias ago keep you forever in His loving arms and may all the angels watch over you as you complete your journey from this innocence  of today into your future, hopefully long and happy.  And know that you all have a Grandma crazy in love with you!

Another Reason To Rejoice

“The Righteous Among the Nations, honored by Yad Vashem, are non-Jews who took great risks to save Jews during the Holocaust. Rescue took many forms and the Righteous came from different nations, religions and walks of life. What they had in common was that they protected their Jewish neighbors at a time when hostility and […]


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Almost Back

Well, the good news is that I can now see the screen on my computer.  The bad news is that part of it crashed and it is as slow as –, well, I’m not sure how slow now.  I used to say Christmas, but one week until Christmas already I have to admit it hasn’t been a slow, long time since last Christmas.  Not sure if that is because I’m o–llll–d now, or if the time is really speeding up and the planet is on the way to an epic crash.  A planet crash on top of my computer crash almost sounds typical lately.  It takes the silly thing a loonng time to  move now — the computer, not sure about the planet.  And at my age I might not have the 5 years for each word to appear on the screen, especially since I tend to talk a lot.  One of the hazards of living a long time alone.

This is gonna be short and sweet because or maybe until, I can find a way to update a driver that keeps telling me it is already updated.  I just don’t wanna sit here for a year watching my 90 wpm turning into a 90 mpw (minutes per word).

Hopefully this will work better next week.  Maybe I should finish that letter to Santa right now? LOL.  If I don’t make it back soon, have a Merry, Merry Christmas.  A




Looks Like I Did It Again

I’m beginning to think that computers and I are simply not compatible.  I’m not sure how I got to this place, but when I turned my laptop on today — several hours ago, actually, I got a black, blank screen.  Everything I had seems to have been deleted, including Windows 10!  The worst part is that they now want me to pay to download it again, pay again for updating the drivers that have been lost, pay another time for all other updates…well it just isn’t worth it for me.  If I could figure out how I keep doing this it would be one thing, but to log off one night and try to log on the next day only to find that all information is lost is becoming a bit depressing.  I can’t even get to my computer settings to attempt to find out what’s happening.  Huge sigh!  But ya know something? I’m just too darn stubborn to even think about giving up.  That means if you hear a big roar coming from Kentucky, it will be me blowing my top — again.  I’m really surprised to find any hair at all still attached to my top.  Arrrrgghhhh.  Loud screaming to follow.  Then maybe a phone call to a friend down the hall to see if he can find any of the information for me — again.  Many hours of searching ahead for me tonight!

101_5487Yes, my ice cream churn is getting another workout as I write this.  Funny thing is that you will never know when I go over to add ice and salt to the churn.  For a second hand item, it really works well and I can feed my ice cream cravings any time I feel the urge.  I discovered this will have to work for all cravings for now.  My feet are swelling lately from too much salt intake (sour cream and onion chips). I think if I read the label on the bag I would see that salt is the first ingredient listed, probably followed by a few other unwanted ingredients before I would come to potatoes.  I definitely need a change in diet here.

Okay,  no more stalling.  Have to get back to my computer problems, but only after I eat a quart of the ice cream that is finished now.  Yep, I can hear it calling my name and getting louder the longer I ignore it.  Later (I hope) if I can find my computer programs again and make it easier to find the places I want to go.  I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.  Later.  A

From My Friend, Natalie

Authenticity is mesmerizing! Vulnerability is captivating! Flaws can be enchanting! Light is breathtaking! Love is spellbinding! And you are sacred! ~Edited and adapted quote by Craig Crippen Although the process of looking for better versions of myself was coming to an end under my own will and impetus, it was finished with the help of […]

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