Looks Like I Did It Again

I’m beginning to think that computers and I are simply not compatible.  I’m not sure how I got to this place, but when I turned my laptop on today — several hours ago, actually, I got a black, blank screen.  Everything I had seems to have been deleted, including Windows 10!  The worst part is that they now want me to pay to download it again, pay again for updating the drivers that have been lost, pay another time for all other updates…well it just isn’t worth it for me.  If I could figure out how I keep doing this it would be one thing, but to log off one night and try to log on the next day only to find that all information is lost is becoming a bit depressing.  I can’t even get to my computer settings to attempt to find out what’s happening.  Huge sigh!  But ya know something? I’m just too darn stubborn to even think about giving up.  That means if you hear a big roar coming from Kentucky, it will be me blowing my top — again.  I’m really surprised to find any hair at all still attached to my top.  Arrrrgghhhh.  Loud screaming to follow.  Then maybe a phone call to a friend down the hall to see if he can find any of the information for me — again.  Many hours of searching ahead for me tonight!

101_5487Yes, my ice cream churn is getting another workout as I write this.  Funny thing is that you will never know when I go over to add ice and salt to the churn.  For a second hand item, it really works well and I can feed my ice cream cravings any time I feel the urge.  I discovered this will have to work for all cravings for now.  My feet are swelling lately from too much salt intake (sour cream and onion chips). I think if I read the label on the bag I would see that salt is the first ingredient listed, probably followed by a few other unwanted ingredients before I would come to potatoes.  I definitely need a change in diet here.

Okay,  no more stalling.  Have to get back to my computer problems, but only after I eat a quart of the ice cream that is finished now.  Yep, I can hear it calling my name and getting louder the longer I ignore it.  Later (I hope) if I can find my computer programs again and make it easier to find the places I want to go.  I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.  Later.  A


7 thoughts on “Looks Like I Did It Again”

  1. Take good care of yourself Angie and I hope, that you will find a solution with your computer without the need to pay. Do you have an external hard disk? I bought one last year, when I bought a new computer, so it takes backup all the time, if I will need this. More cheap than paying double up.

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    1. Of course I don’t have the backup disk. That would make sense. I can’t even find the floppys I have to recover the data. It just NEVER occurred to me that it would be eradicated during a regular update and reboot!I’m probably gonna toss the computer and just use my tablet now! Just totally ticked off at the stuff now

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      1. I’m hoping my son will have a clue when he visits on Sunday! I have a list of things for him to help with though, and I have to remember that he is still recovering from his own accident last March. He’s been my go-to for most of his life! He can fix almost everything!

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      2. Then your son might be able to help you, Angie. Or find another day, when he has more abundance. You can also make a priority list for him, then he can sort out, how much he will be able to do for you at Sunday and what will need to wait to another day.
        Wish you a happy Sunday.

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      3. This is the one who was injured in the farm
        accident last March. He was finally able to return to work this past week so he still has more healing to do before he can be much help with my list but he tries! I

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      4. I have lways tried to tell him that but he’s a man! Even worse, he’s a Wink man! That alone makes him hard to be around when he has to recover from injuries because he has been active working on the farm since birth. His sweet wife deserves a gold medal for how she jumped in and took on so much of the work for himas wll as styin sane all these months. 😇😂🚨

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