Let’s See If This Flies

I’m not sure what will happen here now, but if there is anyone out there who follows me on this venue, please spread the word that I have deleted all other sites in what is probably a futile attempt to regain control of my own blog and content.  The WP “Happiness Engineers” have not made me happy, instead throwing one roadblock after another in my way in every attempt I have made over the past year to fix my site so it can be found.  I have now deleted every site except this one and if it is not accepted in a way that my friends can find it, then it will also be deleted and I will simply find a way to get by without writing.

Writing has always been the way I have found to express my feelings, both good and bad over the years.  This is my outlet, the thing that has saved my sanity on more than one occasion, but now with all the roadblocks being thrown in my way I’m just too frustrated to continue beating my head against that solid concrete wall.  I will find another way to continue blogging but at this point I’m just not sure what that way will be.  I am so totally frustrated by all attempts to just find this blog so I can add posts to it that it just isn’t worth the effort any longer. 23376354_543753655960080_5107827211550388878_n My hope is that I can start an entirely new site, having no relationship at all to my previous, futile efforts, and wipe the reflectionsonlife part out of the equation completely.  It never worked.  I could never find it myself, so how could anyone else?  So, here goes nothing!