A Near Miss So Far

Big This was the way it looked Sunday, but even though I haven’t been back down to take photos since then a glance out my window tells me it is somewhat improved outside.  The predicted storm with the additional inches of the stuff seems to have missed us, even though it is bitterly cold out there.  I made it to the funeral home on Monday morning but reality set in very fast. It’s one thing to take a photo from up here, or even from the entrance while still in the warmer area around the door, quite another to actually get out in the wind and frigid air!

I had to be downstairs by 7:30 am to wait for the bus to take me, hoping they would wait until close to the correct time of arrival — 8:30.  No such luck on the later time though, he was waiting when I got to the window to watch for him.  Probably a good thing though, because when I went out I saw more ice on the entry than I wanted to drive over.  My drier moved the bus closer but there were several spots I still had to go across, toes crossed along with fingers, legs, arms and eyes — not sure, but I think even my hair roots were crossed for that couple of feet of ice.  My cell rang while I was getting on the bus but I ignored it until safely inside.  The number wasn’t familiar but i called it back as a precaution against missing some important message from family.  It was another bus driver, asking if I was still going. Okay!  One trip but two drivers? I told him I was already on the bus and we were leaving, and he said I was on his schedule.  I don;t think I ever felt so wanted, even when two people were asking me to dance at the same time.  A few minutes later the driver who picked me up got a call from dispatch informing him the manifest he was using was wrong, and he had picked up the old one,  Okay, so I had two drivers due to a mistake, better than sitting at the window for an hour and getting there five minutes after it was over.  Of course, arriving before the door was unlocked at the funeral home wasn’t the greatest thing, but they let me in, even moving the hearse so I didn’t have to sit behind it until it was at the church.   Not a bad way to start considering the fact that just going out the door gave me some sinus problems!  Nothing like a drippy nose in -5 temps.

So, I sat there with Uncle Sam for about 40 minutes, wondering who would finally show up, then looked up when I heard voices to see my brother come in with one of my cousins.  Big Bro drove in from Lexington that morning, despite the forecast of more and worse on the way.  I thought maybe he had more sense than that, but I was wrong once before in my lifetime.  Mama Ree got there next, fussed at him for me, then hugged him while looking around his tall (6’8″) frame for me.  BTW, she is 5’2″ tall, so she had quite a job seeing around him.  Once in my lifetime I was almost the same height he was, but that was a day or two ago.  I’m getting shorter, 5’6″ last time I checked, about an inch shorter than I used to be.

As people arrived I could tell it would not be a good idea for me to go on to the church. I knew the trip out last week had not done me any real harm, just a lot of discomfort in the sit-down and my stamina — to say the least, I was already tired even though I hadn’t done anything but get dressed.  Several years ago I made a cross stitch picture for my Mom on her birthday that had an old gray haired woman in a red jogging suit. The caption was:  “Growing old ain’t for sissies”.  Well, growing old with MS is sometimes even worse.  Okay, so anyway I decided that for safety sake I really should get home asap!  I wanted to tell Mama Ree goodbye, but just when I thought it wouldn’t happen without mowing down a roomful of people Diane came out of the crowd with her.  I have the best cousins in the world!  The bus arrived within minutes, this time with the right driver, and he had me home before the starch was completely out of my system.


8 thoughts on “A Near Miss So Far”

  1. I’m happy to read, that you got all the help and support, as you needed Angie.
    Your weather sounds like, it is better to stay home and safe indoor.
    I do shop online here and get all delivered for a fair amount. Do you have such possibilities?
    That might be more safe for you, while the weather are so cold.

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    1. Most of my winter shopping is done online, Irene. It’s good to see you back. Sue Dreamwalker told me about your storm and the horrible aftermath for you. I’m still trying to reprogram my computer after hitting the wrong key and deleting some things that should have been left alone. I’m praying hard that some work I did on it a little bit ago will solve the problems. I really hate when I do that!


      1. I;m almost holding my breath on this one but I think I fixed my computer one more time. Went into the task manager and discovered almost everything got stopped during one of the automatic updates. This makes the third time it happened but at least now I know where to go to fix it. Everything speeded hp almost instantly so I know something is working again. There is a retired computer programmer just down the hall who fixes all the computers in the building and he was going to work on it today but now I can tell him to get some rest today.


    1. Most of the bus drivers are retired Senior Citizens who work a few hours each week supplement their income. I haven’t found any of them I don’t like so far, and I’ve been using the service for a few years now. Our forecast is for sunshine and 54 F. by the end of the week — going from the single digit temps we have been coping with for several weeks now. Personally, I;m ready for spring!

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      1. It’s about 12 F. here today, but the sun is shining for the first time in days and it looks warmer. I know better than taking it at face value though because I still have the deep chill in my bones, but the sun is so lovely it helps to warm things up psychologically. I just have to do some stir frying with my chicken and throw a few veggies on top to braise and my dinner will be finished. I think I’ll make a pot of soup or chili before the day is over but that might wait til tomorrow. riight now just working on a grocery list for later in the week when the temp should be in the upper 40’s or lower 50’s.. I can handle that!


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