Shopped Til I Almost Dropped


We had such a beautiful day today.  The sun finally made another appearance late yesterday, the temp rose to a balmy lower 50 F., a gentle breeze was blowing, and Rose asked me if I wanted to go to Wally World, otherwise known as Sprawlmart in my home.  To give credit where it is due, Sprawlmart is another of the “rayisms” I am very fond of.  My all time favorite though is “I forget if I remember that or not”.  I call them rayisms because a guy named Ray said it first.

So, apartment inspections were first on the agenda today, and as soon as we each passed our own inspections I met Rose downstairs, managed to finally see her car after she blew the horn several times and finally got out of the car and yelled my name.I have a lousy sense of direction where horn blowing and name yelling are concerned.  I also have problems identifying cars.  Most people tell me the make and model of their car but that makes no sense to me.  I couldn’t identify any car, past or present with one possible exception. The ’57 Chevy has always been my dream car.  Okay, I made it to the car, got some sloppy kisses from my furry friend, Tessa, and we took off for Meijers first, Sprawlmart next and then the others noticed a thrift shop on the horizon.  I have a certain weakness for boxes, all types of boxes, and the shop we visited today had dozens of them, all types and sizes, and they all tried to jump in my cart as I went past them.  I fought them off bravely but in the end five of them sneaked into the stuff as I was checking out so what could I do?  They overflowed the car but we are nothing if not inventive packers of cars.  I brought them home, along with the bamboo and jasmine plants that had jumped into the cart at Meijers.

After limping back to the car we agreed we will not go to another thrift shop for a few months.  They are too dangerous to the pocketbook.  One $3.00 item is a bargain but one hundred of those bargains are too many.  I didn’t actually get 100 of anything but after bringing it all up the the apartment and putting it away the number of items just seemed to grow larger and larger.  I didn’t have my power chair at the stores so there were no incidents of destruct, um, I mean very few cases of running my cart into the displays and knocking stuff over.  I can actually move furniture with the chair but it’s less likely with just the cart.  So now it’s late night and I’m watching “Golden Girls” while settling in for the night.  I haven’t done much of anything since putting the stuff away, trying to remember the words to a poem I wrote several decades ago about “No U-hauls Behind A Hearse” which deals with accumulating so much un-needed stuff and the fact of life, I cant take it with me in the end.  Not a problem though. I’ll do another big decluttering  spree one day soon and get rid of a lot of the excess.  It probably will go back to the shop I got it from today and someone else will enjoy it for a while.  Now I’m gonna kick back and veg out for a few days and nights — or Friday, whichever comes first!


15 thoughts on “Shopped Til I Almost Dropped”

  1. Good to hear, that you get out sometimes, Angie. It is nice to go out and see something else than only our own home sometimes. I’m decluttering here too and this can go on for a while, as I also have many things.
    Wish you a good time-out with great rest, dear friend.

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    1. Thank you, Irene. It felt good to get out after being cooped up in this apartment for so long. Heading out for the grocery again in a few minutes. Forgot a few items yesterday but my grocery is only two blocks away from my apartment and I can go there in my chair. Trying to decide now if I’ll get another orchid this month or if the Jasmine and Bamboo plants I got yesterday are enough. I have a feeling I’ll be bringing home an orchid nestled in the bag next to the eggs and milk.

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  2. Hiii.. Good evening.. You know, I’ve posted a blog on you.. And people are getting really very inspired by you.. You are surely gonna have a huge and lovely WordPress family… And you’ve a new friend too ‘Ushnish the Crown’ and he loved hearing about you.. Yay I’m soo happy.. Love you❤😊😊

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    1. You did such a lovely job of it too. I stumbled on it this morning, but you already know that. Thank you so much my lovely new granddaughter. I’m trying to keep up with the new family members. I;ll be sure to look Ushnish the Clown. I love the name!. I;m very happy also. I love you too. ❤

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  3. Thank you sooo much.. I’m happy you liked it… You’re are always welcome.. Ah, Grandma, its ‘Ushnish the CROWN’ (not Clown)😅😛.. Love you too.. And one more thing, from now onwards, I’ll call you ‘amma’ it means grandma in my native language.. ❤ love you too❤

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    1. Oh no! I sure miss that one! I’m so sorry. My eyes are so bad now that sometimes I don’t see things correctly. but sometimes my fingers are just on the wrong keys. Thank you for my new name. I love being amma. Some of my grandkids call me grammy and some call my mamaw (which I hate), but I love being amma now. I love you also. ❤

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  4. Ohh.. It’s okay.. I can understand, it happens..
    I’m glad you liked it.. And if you want any different name, then it can be, Nani.. Actually, in my language, Amma is used for paternal grandmother whereas Nani is used for maternal grandmother.. So, which ever name or relation, you like more, I’ll use that😊😊

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    1. I love Amma, so tell your dad he has another mom in another country and ask him how this could have happened. But only if he has a good sense of humor and isn’t tired at the moment 🙂 I have met many gentlemen from India and some have wonderful sense of humor while others don’t, sorta like the ones over here now that I think about it. People are people wherever they live all pretty much alike inside.

      Did I put a new photo up? I’ve already forgotten which one is on here. I only vaguely remember going into my gravatar, oh…now I do remember doing this rather late one night — or early one morning. I’m glad you like it.


      1. Oh.. Yeah.. My dad will get extremely confused and thinking about it makes me laugh😂😂😂.. Ya, some men here have very nice sense of humour, but on the other hand some are very strict too (like every country has different kinds of people living together, same is in India) 😉.. India is completely different to what the media shows it to me☺..
        But I’m lucky to have my parents and almost all relatives with a good sense of humour😉..
        Yes, you’ve changed you pic. Earlier it was a black and white pic of yours but now it’s different and I can see you face nicely than before..😊

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      2. My dad had such a great sense of humor and could tell a joke with such a straight face that most people thought he was being serious and it wasn’t a joke. He got me a few times with his jokes, but after a few years I learned how to recognize them by the twinkle in his eyes. Most of my brothers can do that also, but I have no way to control my expression. Gina tells me i should never play poker (don’t know how anyway) because I show it all in my facial expressions. My big day was the one time I told my dad a joke and he thought it was something that had really happened.
        I have a really bad head cold right now, so going back to bed for another long nap. I hope I can sleep anyway

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      3. Oh really.. Even I too cannot control my expressions.. It’s really very embarrassing when everyone in the room is with a straight face but you cannot stop giggling.. I really cannot control my laugh and sometimes tears roll down from my eyes and my face turns red but still I keep on laughing.. And I still don’t know how and why I find comedy even in the most serious discussions..😌
        Oh, get well soon.. Take rest and then we’ll chat when you feel better..❤❤

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      4. Sometimes the best way out of a bad situation is to just laugh at it. I find so much to laugh at, with and about each day that I stopped trying to control it all and just let it happen. And I manage to laugh at myself more than anyone or anything else because I’m constantly living the adage “Open mouth, insert foot”! I also know that I have human “foot in mouth” disease and sometimes think I might need to have it surgically removed. I also have a neurological thing that makes me laugh at things until I cry, only I’m not really crying — just laughing so hard I can’t stop and the tears are flowing at the same time, so it makes people wonder if I’m okay. I always tell them I’ve never actually been okay, just able to get by in society most of the time. That makes them laugh and diffuses the situation. I wish I could remember the name of the thing that makes me laugh and cry at the same time, but it is funny in the beginning but at times it is so bad it actually hurts my sides. Which makes me laugh even more. Not a large problem though, so I can largely ignore it.
        I’m still having some bad sinus problems, but those are overshadowed now by the fact that I pinched my sciatic nerve again. PT will be here tomorrow to begin more therapy, and that gives me something to look forward to. It always feels so much better after each session. I prefer the therapy to taking meds because the therapy works instantly without making my head feel wacky.
        Anyway, this is just a small thing in the long run, part of being me and no big deal. It will not stop me completely, just slow a few things down for a week or so.
        Take care of yourself hon. Amma ❤


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