Problems, Problems, Problems!

I have been fighting a very intense case of pinched sciatic nerve lately, and not doing much blogging.  Sorry about that, but what can I say?  It just plain hurts — actually to the point of my asking my doctor for a script for a muscle relaxer today.  Shocked the poor girl out of a few years growth, and since she is still just a child, she doesn’t need this.  Really, if you could see her you would have to agree that she is a very intelligent teenager.  So what if she has twin boys who started preschool last Sept.  Sheta probably had them when she was 10!  I can remember when all the doctors were so old, and now for some strange reason they are just kids!

I’m also still having some discussions with my computer, trying to let it know who is in charge here!  It seems to think it is running the show, but each time I sign on I have to manually start most of the apps.  I almost know what I’m doing now, all except how to save the settings.  I’m determined to win this argument though, even if I have to do it by removing the screen from my window , um, taking it down to my neighbor and asking him how to accomplish this.  He’s a computer tech and works on all the computers in the building when he is feeling okay.  Like most of us though, he has health problems that keep him from doing what he loves.  He endeared himself to me when he revealed the fact that he plays the guitar!  He also fell in love with the picture of my sis and me playing and singing, or “pickin’ and grinnin’ together a few years ago.  I’ve tried to convince my son to bring mine home so I can hear my neighbor play it the way it should be played. Ah well, if my darlin’ little boy prefers to let my Martin D 2800. circa 1970, hang on his wall like a trophy there’s just not much I can do to stop him now — except try to keep him informed about proper storage and the price of replacing it, if indeed he could ever find one like it for sale.

Okay, stopping my complaining now!  See what happens when I’m really hurting?  I make a horrible patient, just whining all the time.  It will pass when the weather stops being so horrible.  Once in a while I just have to whine about it all

Just  a few photos to cheer us all up:



Let Love Be Our Speak! Every Day. — Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary


Imagine a world of tomorrows with abundance of Peace Look beyond where all Fear will cease Think with your hearts and let’s dare to Dream And collect the ingredients, Can you picture the scene? ~~~ Let’s be optimistic, inspiring with flare Imagine Harmonious, Compassionate Care As together we Join let Love be your Theme […]

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Oh, Really?

via Daily Prompt: Suspicious

This is my first Daily Prompt post.  We’ll see how it works out.

He told me he would be here before the day was over.  Okay, the day is over now and he hasn’t come by.  I wonder who she is?  Where did they meet?  Where did they go today?  OK, time now to play it cool.  I hear footsteps in the hall, his footsteps!  Getting closer, closer, the door opens and– 

  •      The dictionary defines “suspicious” as:
  •    Having or showing a cautious distrust of someone or something.
  •    Causing one to have the idea or impression that someone or something is of questionable, dishonest or dangerous character or condition.




Happy Valentines Day

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentines Day today.  Just sending this short note to everyone who loves someone, whether with them or not.  For me, it is NOT but that only means not living with them.  Children grow up and leave home for places and families of their own, marriages fail but the love that brought us together remains, family members  pass away and if we are lucky, friends take their place in our lives. I just happen to be very fortunate in my friends, blessed to have them and grateful that they have always been around when I need someone.   So, to my family and friends, Happy Valentines Day.  I love and appreciate each and every one of you.

I want to share these photos of the sweet green frog and balloons sent yesterday by my daughter and her family.  Thanks, G.  I love it!

Giving Is Alive And Well In Owensboro, KY

There is an organization here called “God’s Outreach” that donates frequently to people here in town, including my building.  Their almost daily donations of crackers, canned goods, health bars (granola), pizza, etc have helped people all over my town to survive another day.  We call him “God’s Man”, our David Mudd.  His address is 1209 Moseley St. Owensboro, KY 42303, and he delivers what he can, and has his “angels”, like my friend Rose, make more deliveries to this building.

David is a man who seeks no praise, wants no kudos, and goes about his daily routine helping as many people as he can find along the way.  He has given much to ensure the survival of the needy here by making sure they have the food and paper products they need for comfort.  David has gone above and beyond the call and expectations of the people who are helped, accepting donations but not asking for them, being grateful for all that he has, and sharing all he can by personifying the 10 Commandments, truly living the Word of God that we “Love one another as He loves us”.  He also lives the life our founding fathers envisioned for all Americans that is also inscribed on the Statue Of Liberty,  “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breath free. —Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me  I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”  There is no golden door in Owensboro, unless of course you count Micky D’s golden arches with all of their locations, but unlike Micky D., David gives to people and asks nothing, while Micky D. expects you to open your wallet before the food is brought to the counter.

100_5597The photo shows a few of the products David has filled our pantries with, plus more that I personally can’t use for myself but that are such staples in so many homes.  David sees that everyone can choose what they are able to eat.  Thank God for this generous and caring man.

With Lent beginning on Wednesday of this week, it makes me very happy to be able to talk about a man who truly lives in such a god-like way.

Back Again!

Sorry for my prolonged absence.  I managed to pinch my sciatic nerve again and according to my PT, it will get worse each time I do this!  Good to know, but since I can’t imagine just sitting here doing nothing I’ve pulled out the knitting needles, crochet hooks and the yarn and started making winter hats, scarves and neck warmers.  If I get too many scarves ahead they could turn into a crazy quilt type of afghan.  Ya just never know what’s gonna happen when I get frustrated!

  1.   1509809_102286820106768_5376378693193725582_n.jpg  11269763_102287053440078_7116276012707983136_n.jpg
  2. 18598_102286773440106_4772304372890626306_n.jpg

These are three of the afghans I made for grandkids a few years ago, modeled by the ones who received them.  Anika and Andrew are on the top row and the hidden one on the  bottom is Caleb, following big brother Ethan’s bad example of hiding his face.  I made 10 of them that year within six months of deciding this was what i wanted to give them for Christmas.  Not sure I can handle the big projects like this now, with my shoulders fussing at me when I try to lift things, but some friends have offered to help with the heavy lifting if I make blocks of pieces and then sew them together.  At the moment though, I am spoiled by the micro-plush fleece blankets I have that I’m not sure there is any yarn any place that will be as soft and fluffy.

All good things seem to end, and now my cough is back, just in time to go with the winter storm blowing our way.  Not much chance of getting over it all while the weather outside is so bad, but I’m staying inside and trying to keep warm. Not an easy thing for a person who is so cold natured living in an apartment that the wind blows thru.  Not sure it is the wind from outside though.  When they put in the new vent system a couple of y!)ears ago they put them in a place where the air blows right across my head! So, I’m inventing ways to keep my  head covered at night by making night caps (and not the alcoholic type either). The hats and scarves I’m making do the job quite nicely.  And those fleece blankets make sure I am always covered warmly.

My tummy tells me it’s time to fill ‘er up, so I’m off to the fridge to decide if there is anything I want to eat in there.  Ya’ll take care now.  A.


The Sunshine Award, Part II


In Part I of this award blog I promised to come back when I felt like I will live a few more hours (at least at the time, that was all I hoped for), and now, a few days later and 95% better feeling, I’m back to ask my questions and add my nominees.  So, here we go with the questions:

  1. 1.What is your favorite thing to do on weekends?
  2. Where is your favorite place to be?
  3. If you could go anyplace at all, where would it be?  (Earth or space or otherwise)
  4. Do you prefer street art or the “great” artists, such as daVinci?
  5. Who is your favorite actor, actress or singer?  One will do.
  6. Old movies or latest release, and what type? (action, sci-fy, for example)
  7. Do you do the difficult tasks immediately or later?
  8. Where is your best place for meditation
  9. Coffee, tea, milk or water?
  10. Would you rather receive flowers or candy for Valentines Day>
  11. Finally, would you prefer a peaceful country setting or a noisy city street?


I think most of these questions can be answered easily, some with one or two words, but feel free to expand your answers.  I certainly do that, and after I have seen what others say I just might put my own answers in a future blog post.  They will definitely not be one of two words.  Short explanation about that –I’m the one in my family with the softest voice and went for most of my life never being heard because my strong voiced brothers always seemed to be talking at once and they drowned me out.  I just stopped talking at all for several years, but one fine day decided to begin participating in the family conversations.  After all, Dad had a soft voice and we all heard his every word.  So, after some speech therapy I finally opened my mouth when we were all together and I think they were too astonished at first to say anything.  Soon though, they found their voices again and we have had conversations ever since then.  Nice, huh

Okay, my nominations for the Sunshine Award are:

  1. Damon, of
  2. Tammy at
  3. Winnie, from “musings”
  5. Sulaiman Hafeeze
  6. McRaw at
  7. iScribir

Okay, so I only have 7 here, but once again i think anyone who would like to have this award should grab it from my post, okay?   Just leave me a note with your answers to my questions, because that is what I really want to see, and Avni, my new granddaughter of the heart, I would love it if you would answer them also.  I realize a lot of us are “award free” bloggers now, and that is because I already have so many awards from my many years of doing this that it was crowding out everything else on my page.  So, while I seldom accept new awards I am accepting these last two because they were offered by some new people I read and enjoy.

Since my present site, Kentucky Angel Flies Again is new I am probably listed among the new blogs, and that has brought me some wonderful new friends.  I just might be tempted to begin new each year or so just so this will happen again.  But right now some caffeine in the form of cherry coke is screaming my name (or it could be my brain is screaming for the caffeine!) and if I don’t do something about this immediately I can foretell a screaming headache soon.  Love you all. A

The Sunshine Award, Part I

sunshineSo, here are the rules.  Always some rules apply, right>


  1. Write a post thanking the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog site.
  2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Award logo on your site,

So, this new Amma wants to say a heartfelt “thank you” to Avni with congratulations to her on winning this two times in a few days for her site, Avni.  That is the only link that comes up for her name, and it always gets me there.

Avni’s questions are as follows:

  1. What will you choose between ice cream and coffee?  Easy, ice cream please.
  2. Who would you want to meet, a long lost dear friend or family member, or God? I just can’t wait to meet God.
  3. Do you want a thousand good friends or just one equally good friend?  Well, I think the more the merrier here, but I do want them to be trustworthy friends.
  4. Do you want a world tour or just travel across every place of your own country?  I’m afraid at this point I’ll have to settle for the memories I have of the places I have already been, since travel today would be too difficult for me.  I’ve been to Germany, to my roots there, and I’ve been many places in my own country,  and for now I’m happy with my memories.  And I also wouldn’t trade those memories for all the traveling left in the world.  I love my home and am very content and happy here reading about the travels of my friends and family.
  5. If you have to choose between your parents or your children, which will it be?  What a difficult decision that would be!  Since my parents are now deceased it is my children, but I do wonder about what my answer would have been while my parents were living.  I would lay down my life for my kids, same for my grandkids.  And I was always there for my parents as long as they lived, so I’m very glad I don’t have to make that decision now.
  6. If you could change anything what would it be?  Okay, I would take this world back to a kinder time when children were taught manners, respect for their parents, their country, and each other.  Back before school shootings, when prayer was still allowed in schools and God was not outlawed by legislation just because a few people objected and the majority didn’t think silence was the best policy there.  Back when people actually got off their duffs and went out and exercised their privilege of voting for public officials, and those officials won honestly.  I would have a slower pace of living, families sitting down together for dinner, thanking God under whatever name they call Him, be it God, Jesu, Buddha, Mohammad, or the great I Am, and no one would leave that table hungry unless it was by his or her choice (dieter’s, ya know), a time when we heard more laughter than sobs, when homelessness was a minority, when children used imagination as a playmate rather than something electronic, when we could eat what we grew and there was plenty to share with the neighbors, when neighbors actually had time to speak to each other and visit on long evenings spent mainly at home — or visiting family or friends.
  7. What is your favorite thing about India?  Avni, Daman, and oh, my goodness, the food!  Niv cooked for me while she lived here and it was the best I have ever eaten!
  8. Do you honestly read the posts you like?  I sure do.
  9. If you could rewind your past and pause any moment or phase, what would it be?  A long time ago, back in the summer while I was growing up, our family reunions.
  10. Most embarrassing moment on WordPress?  I no longer embarrass easily, but when I first began blogging I commented on a post and hit the button before actually reading what I had written.  My fingers were all on the wrong keys so it was a bunch of gibberish.
  11. Suggestions or reviews about my blogs?  You write from your experiences each day, which is a good thing.  Stay true to yourself and you and your blog will grow and mature together.  And continue to write about everything you see and do, and do it all with the love and humor you show now.

Okay, tomorrow I’ll finish this with my own questions for the people this award will go to on my end.  Right now my sciatica is acting up and it’s time for me to move around before I freeze in this position.  Avni, I hope you enjoyed my answers.  Amma.


real-neat-award1749788993Oh, my.  I normally don’t accept awards any more, but for two of my new followers I am breaking that rule.  The first award I was nominated for is this one, and I thank Daman, of thisdamanblog for nominating me for this.  Daman is a very sweet young lady who found me thru another of my new followers, Avni.

The rules for this award are: 1. Put the logo on your blog, 2.  Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.  3.  Thank the people who nominated you by commenting on their blog.  4.  Nominate other bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.  And 5. Let them know by commenting in their blog that you have nominated them.

So, first of all, Daman’s questions and my answers:

  1. What is your name and where do you belong?  My name is Angie and I live in Kentucky, USA, hence the name, Kentucky Angel.
  2. Why are you in WordPress?  I am in WordPress because for some reason I just have a compelling urge to write, and this is the easiest venue I have found over the years to navigate. I have tried others and didn’t find them easy to use, and while I’ve had many problems with WP, having deleted more blogs than I have fingers and toes and swearing I’ll never write another word, I always seem to come back.
  3. What are your hobbies?  Oh, my goodness, they are many.  I write, crochet, knit, make jewelry, paint anything that doesn’t run away, cook, bake bread, collect rooster paraphernalia, make floral arrangements, raise orchids as well as other house plants, photograph life around me and spend as much time as possible with my 8 grandchildren, a mainly impossible feat now that most of them are all grown up.
  4. What are your favorite posts in my blog? (Daman’s). I have only recently found this lovely girl and so far love them all. She is a poet with a wonderful outlook on life.   I have re-blogged some of her poetry, and at this late hour my single remaining brain cell is refusing to allow me to remember anything else except that one of them is, I think, about Desire?  I am seriously showing my age here, because I had the name of that particular one written down and now can’t find it.
  5. What is my favorite post in my blogs?  This one is easy.  “A Story About Love”, the story of my love and marriage to Edd, and how it became a 3-way love story as he found his true love later in our lives.  This was followed a few days later by my next favorite story, “Another Love Story”, a tribute to my Uncle Sam.  You can find them at
  6. Pizza or pasta?  Usually pasta because it is easier to eat and swallow than pizza.  Oh, the perils of getting old!
  7. Sugar coated lies or blunt truth?  Put this way, neither.  I prefer the truth told in a gentle way.  Unfortunately, at my age, bluntness of any kind could throw me for so many loops I would never be able to straighten up again.  Seriously, the truth is always the best way to go, but assess the situation before blurting it out.  Kindness is also necessary and it softens the blow if the truth is one that will possibly hurt.  And at times, depending on the discussion, just letting it all go unsaid is the best way to go.  Remember, I’m older than dirt now and I’ve seen how people can be hurt and even destroyed by being told things that, while true, didn’t add anything at all to their peace of mind, and human kindness would dictate in this situation that it would be much better forgotten by everyone involved.

Hmmm, my seven questions:

  1. What was the last thing you found so funny you couldn’t stop laughing?
  2. What is your favorite food in the world?
  3. Favorite drink, non alcoholic.
  4. What have you done to make a difference in someone’s life today?
  5. Favorite color?
  6. Do you prefer blond or brunette?
  7. Favorite place to visit?

Good luck to everyone, because I’m not nominating anyone in particular.  A few years ago I gave my own award, the Angel Award, open to everyone with the only stipulation being that they do something for someone else.  So, this time I’m passing this award on to anyone who has not been nominated for it before now, and really hope to see some of the answers show up on my blog.  I’m making this the prerogative of age, because Lord knows we don’t have many perks any more.