Back Again!

Sorry for my prolonged absence.  I managed to pinch my sciatic nerve again and according to my PT, it will get worse each time I do this!  Good to know, but since I can’t imagine just sitting here doing nothing I’ve pulled out the knitting needles, crochet hooks and the yarn and started making winter hats, scarves and neck warmers.  If I get too many scarves ahead they could turn into a crazy quilt type of afghan.  Ya just never know what’s gonna happen when I get frustrated!

  1.   1509809_102286820106768_5376378693193725582_n.jpg  11269763_102287053440078_7116276012707983136_n.jpg
  2. 18598_102286773440106_4772304372890626306_n.jpg

These are three of the afghans I made for grandkids a few years ago, modeled by the ones who received them.  Anika and Andrew are on the top row and the hidden one on the  bottom is Caleb, following big brother Ethan’s bad example of hiding his face.  I made 10 of them that year within six months of deciding this was what i wanted to give them for Christmas.  Not sure I can handle the big projects like this now, with my shoulders fussing at me when I try to lift things, but some friends have offered to help with the heavy lifting if I make blocks of pieces and then sew them together.  At the moment though, I am spoiled by the micro-plush fleece blankets I have that I’m not sure there is any yarn any place that will be as soft and fluffy.

All good things seem to end, and now my cough is back, just in time to go with the winter storm blowing our way.  Not much chance of getting over it all while the weather outside is so bad, but I’m staying inside and trying to keep warm. Not an easy thing for a person who is so cold natured living in an apartment that the wind blows thru.  Not sure it is the wind from outside though.  When they put in the new vent system a couple of y!)ears ago they put them in a place where the air blows right across my head! So, I’m inventing ways to keep my  head covered at night by making night caps (and not the alcoholic type either). The hats and scarves I’m making do the job quite nicely.  And those fleece blankets make sure I am always covered warmly.

My tummy tells me it’s time to fill ‘er up, so I’m off to the fridge to decide if there is anything I want to eat in there.  Ya’ll take care now.  A.



17 thoughts on “Back Again!”

    1. It eases for a few minutes but being me, I take advantage of those few minutes to play catch-up with the housework, starting the pain again and keeping me awake yet another night, whimpering about it constantly. I’m such a baby lately!

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      1. You might change your opinion if you had to be around me when it really, really hurts! I;m not pleasant then, but my PT was here this morning and he showed me some exercises to do no matter where I am that are helping already. The trick now is to force myself to take things easier until the muscle is stretched out enough that it stops pinching! YOU are the sweet one in this family! ❤


    1. Thanks, Irene. I love making the blankets, and have enough yarn to make a few more if I ever finish the neck warmers and scarves I’m working on right now.
      I have always had respect for the way my son has handled his own sciatic pain from his accident a year ago, but now it is enforced by what I’m going thru now. I remembered how it felt from years ago when one of my babies spent the entire time kicking mine each time she woke up, but time helps memories like that to fade. Now it is all remembered in spades. Hugs! ((()))

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      1. I sure feel for anyone who has this, Irene. My Physical Therapist was here this morning and he showed me some exercises that have been helping so much. It’s just a matter of loosening the muscle that is pinching the nerve right now, and hopefully it will ease very soon. In the meantime I’m getting used to the pain and learning to deal with it. ❤ ❤


    1. Thanks Rebecca. It gets better so I start picking up again, which aggravates it again, which makes it all feel like the first time, which makes me start whimpering again, which does absolutely no good at all which makes me angry with myself, which makes me—-I think I just ran out of things it makes me.How sad!

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    1. Ah, thanks you sweetie. I so enjoy making things and giving them to the people I love! I am resting more than ever now, and feeling better also, after being shown some exercises to do to lower the pain level. A few more days and I will hopefully be back up and running. Amma


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