Dream Big

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4 thoughts on “Dream Big”

  1. Angie, I recently learned my Mom left me an inheritance which stunned me. I did not see that coming at all. I plan on investing in myself because I believe in ME and my abilities as a photographer and writer. Before I make any purchases, I first do much thinking, researching and honest to goodness common sense to figure out exactly where my dreams are going and what I need. I’ve been seriously contemplating on going Sony camera body and Sigma lenses. That is a HUGE investment IF I follow through. Yes I am dreaming …. When all my precious babies are in heaven, I will be free to follow my dreams. What those exactly are, not too sure, yet I know the basics. MUCH Love to you!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy 💖💖💖

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    1. THAT IS WONDERFUL NEWS, AMY! I received a small inheritance from my Mom as well,, but split 7 ways it was very small. I had a wonderful Sony at one time with a lens I only used two times. I had saved for 2 years to buy that lens and camera but my kids threw it away when they “helped” me move to this building. My daughter also threw all of my dog’s toys away because they smelled! Of course they smelled — HIS smell! I should be over all of that by now but it still pops up at times when I’m feeling bad. More to work on, I guess. Much love to you! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Your kids have no idea what is trash and what is not. I read about that camera of yours and my teeth went on edge. Grrrrr ….. I KNOW how expensive those cameras and lenses are! Better to put all that behind and just do things to be HAPPY. Love to you!!! 😘

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      2. I’m usually over it, but when I feel bad it comes back to haunt me! That just seems to be my way of life. Today I outdid all the rest of it by turning my laptop into a piece of junk! I tripped over the power cord and I was doing an update from the Microsoft support, the battery was dead and it was disconnected from the update at a crucial time. It probably erased all of my programs so now I have to find a way to replace the adapter. Guess this makes two of them I have erased now! Glad I have the tablet for backup or i would not be able to get online until I can find the money to get it fixed! 😚🤑🤑😟😥😇

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