A New Day (or Night) And A New Hope

101_5594And how thankful I am that my photos survived on this site!  I now have the distinction of having deleted yet another computer — almost.  During a recent update I tripped over the power cord, ripping it from the computer and destroying the update at the time when it was telling me to not turn off the computer.  Of course, since the driver being fixed was the one that was the battery driver, the computer immediately turned off and all of my information was gone to some unknown place in computer limbo.  I am now slowly trying to retrieve it from my tablets.  This will take some time, but fortunately, I have loads of that!

A dear friend who moved from the building several months ago has been visiting tonight and since he just left a few minutes ago I am extremely tired, so this is just a short note to let everyone know what happened, and that I am finally back.  More to follow after some long and much needed sleep.  Love to everyone!  A.