Rosy Memories


For some unknown reason, as I was drifting off to sleep to the music of the Irish Tenors early this morning, I remembered the first thing I ever wrote — a poem called “My Rose”.  I was in the first grade at St. Martin’s School on Highway 81, the place I grew up.  The ladies in the Altar Society would put fresh flowers in the church on Fridays when they cleaned it, discarding all of the dead or wilted ones, and I found a wilting pink rose in the discarded pile one day.  It still looked pretty to me and the fragrance was so sweet I just had to take it home with me to give it to my mom.  She gave it the proper attention, then suggested that I plant it outside and see if it would grow, thinking, of course that it would be another of her “busy” activities for me, like catching birds by throwing salt on their tails.  Oh, yes — we spent many summer days trying to catch birds this way!

Well, mom gave me a teaspoon, a small cup of water, and her good wishes and pointed to an area next to the rose of Sharon bush where she assured me it would be the perfect spot, never expecting anything to come of it.  I planted my little rose, poured the cup of water on it and went inside and wrote this poem:

I love to see the rose that in my garden grows, I water it every day, and it will grow without delay.

I love to smell my rose, and watch it as it grows, —

and I forget the last two lines, but I think you can get the idea. Not exactly Dickinson, here.  And then, a few weeks later, my aunt gave me a bottle of cologne she had received from someone she worked with.  Being a six year old, and having a gift of cologne from my aunt, I of course thought it must be the best smelling perfume in the world!  Mom took a whiff and suggested I pour it over my rose to give it a good smell!  Hmm, I wonder what she had against that poor little rose?   But wonder of wonders, that little bit of faded glory took root and grew!  And grew, and grew and kept on growing into the most beautiful bush with loads of the sweetest roses we ever had!  Pale pink, heavenly smelling roses that filled every mason jar that wasn’t filled with food, often accompanied by sprigs of forsythia, bridal wreath, larkspur and iris along with any wildflowers that I could find.  My first venture into flower gardening and my first green thumb!

Since we didn’t have a camera back then, here are some photos of my present day plants, most of which you have already seen, but hey, I love ’em so it just is what it is!

Okay, this device is not doing what I want it to do.  The photos are at the top instead of down here.  At least I hope they are still up there.  And all the saved photos that were in my library this morning have disappeared now, unless I can find them again on another device, but that will happen later.  I have other stuff to do right now and am too tired to keep working on things that seem hopeless at the moment.  I’m an optimist, and I know they still exist someplace and that I WILL find them, but not right now.   Right now I have to do some stretching exercises to get some pressure off that sciatic nerve before it drives me bonkers!  Till the next time, Namaste!


13 thoughts on “Rosy Memories”

  1. Love this. As for the computer problems, I have been through those … not the same … but similar … and not much fun. Your rose story (and bush) make up for all of that. Thank you for this. You have brought light to a cold Canadian evening. Thank you.

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    1. Thanks Roger. I’ve actually managed to destroy a hard drive before, but hopefully not this time. My son has it and I hope he can find a way to bring it back to life. It’s actually warming up in Kentucky and hopefully the flood waters will begin receding soon. One of the down side of living on the banks of the Ohio with the Green River and Panther Creek surrounding us, but pretty when the water goes down. I’m considering building an ark right now, not for myself since I live on the 16th floor, but for family members who live on the lower land out in the county.


  2. Namaste Amma..🙏😘

    Ahh.. I love this.💞😍
    Long time no see. Actually, I’m really very very busy with my exams, so today I especially took time, from my super busy schedule to read your blogs… I really missed you..💞😊✌


    1. I missed you also. I’ve missed blogging and with this little blue laptop, a gift from a friend, I can manage for as long as I have to. I will be so happy when my real one is repaired, but so grateful for this one, and for the person who gave it to me.
      I have also been unwell, so have a lot to catch up on, but that is also getting done. Also doing overtime on the catchup, but forcing myself to take rest breaks and not do the same task for long at a time. I guess you really CAN teach some old dogs new tricks, huh? Love you! Amma

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      1. Oh.. Take rest Amma. Don’t force yourself to do a lot of work. I wish your laptop gets repaired very very soon. And take care, health is more important than any work.😊❤
        Love you too!😘💞

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      2. My laptop could already be repaired, but my grandson is very ill, so I don’t ask my son about it while he is so worried about Noah. i worry also. He is 17 and a high school senior, but for now we don’t think about anything but his health. His older brother passed away 3 years ago and it is still so difficult for us all. We will have so much trouble dealing with things if we lose Noah also. My health means very little because I’ve lived a long time. He is so young. I pray that if one of us must go it will be me and he will live.’

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      3. Oh.. I feel sorry for him. May God bless you and your family. I’ll pray to God for Noah and your health. I’m sure, everything will go well if we have enough faith in the almighty.😇🙏🙌💞

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      4. Yeah.. I’ll surely pray that WE ALL pass this test..🙌🙏😇
        Everyone has a time of happiness and then there are struggles and test. We all face them, and sometimes get tired, but we forget that these struggels are our tests by the God to check our faith and patience. These tests bring us closer to him..😊😊

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  3. My patience is being tried very much now and I am not winning the battle being waged against my better judgement! Today…oh, today I have not had a good day! I’ll stay in the apartment tomorro and try to start over with a new attitude. 😇💙💚💝🙏


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