A Study In Frustration

this has been one of the most frustrating weeks I’ve had in a long, long time!  I not only have been living without my laptop, but my WiFi system is going bonkers as an added example of the ways life just gets in the way of living!  Ya just can’t win for losing sometimes!

Now the little dummy laptop I rented is acting up, but then again, what can you expect from an HP?  Can ya tell how much I hate that brand?  Too many bad experiences with them!  I’ll stick with Dell, thank you very much!  I’ve had two of them, a desk of and my laptop and they can’t be beat!  I’m the problem with that!  My son has taken the laptop to a friend and coworker who loves to tinker with electronics, and he is trying to save it for me!  I’m hoping it will work and searching for a deal on a replacement if it doesn’t!  It will take a while to find the money –or I should say,save the money, but if I can put one on layaway it would work out okay.  Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it can be fixed though!  Not sure, but I think my hair roots might be crossed too!

Think I’m gonna go now.  Too hard to find photos to add on this contraption!  So sorry!






8 thoughts on “A Study In Frustration”

    1. Everything is golden today, sis. I have some wonderful friends here, my son has a tech friend who is repairing my laptop, a guy down the hall gave me a little laptop to use or keep, my choice, because I’ve helped him before and it’s his way of saying thanks. He fixes them for several people and they leave parts with him so he puts some together to make new ones. I think with my history I should take a course in doing that!

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  1. I hope everything goes well.. This week was really very frustrating for me too. I’m very busy with my exams and have not posted on my blog since weeks. I have my science paper on 16th and I’m really very very nervous about it.. Then it’s social science on 22nd, followed by mathematics on 28th. So from today, I’ll be “super busy”.. But I hope it goes well🙄😃.. Please bless me amma.. I need your blessings..🙏 Wish me luck for my exams🤗🙂
    Love you..😘💞


    1. You have more than my blessings Sweetheart, you have my prayers, my love and my thoughts! And hopefully you will also have my luck. Everything has been repaired, found, returned, and whatever else was needed in the beginning. All of the Gods are watching over you, my Christian God, Buddha, Jane. Allah, Mohammad, they are all one even if they go by many names. Our Native Americans call Him Great Spirit, and that says it all! The Great Spirit, by whatever name, is watching over you, and I’m sending a special angel, my daughter, Jennifer, to put her hand on your shoulder during these tests. She was the “kiss in the air” I referred to in my poem “Spring Cleaning”. so now you have a name and you can use it in a mantra. And you also have an Amma thinking about you on those dates! I love you. Now relax and hit the books!

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      1. Ahh… I feel so good after reading this. I’m feeling blessed. Thank you so much, Amma. I’ll surely use that mantra and pray to the Great Spirit. I love you too..
        Thank you..😘💞🙏😇


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