Halleluia! A Friend To The Rescue

A very sweet friend from down the hall came to my rescue by bring me this laptop today.  He has several, given to him by people who bring them to him to fix, or just as thank you tokens after they update to new ones.  We are in the “getting to know you” stage at the moment, and except for an irritating popup that insisted on freezing on the screen, it seems to be working out.  So much better than trying to find a letter and hit the one I want on the tablet!  And on Monday a technician from the cable company will be here to see why my WiFi is doing the chicken dance even when nothing is using it.  Although, I have to say that at the moment it   — scratch that!  Just as I was about to say it was being good it started dancing again.  Probably a new modem in the near future.

2009-05-09 08.45.41

That was me a few years ago doing what I do best — sitting and hooking a blanket!  Kinda wish I could remember which one it was, but that just isn’t happening tonight!   Pretty shade of blue though.  And I was kinda chunky back then.  Long before the MS put me in the power chair, and when I could still get thru the narrow doors of my Mom’s house.  My walker and then the chair just couldn’t make it, so things got really bad for me when the disease went secondary.

Well, I have a lot of you to visit and a lot of work still to do here before I turn in tonight, so this is a short one.  Just had to share this great news.  Even better is that my wonderful Dell is being repaired by my son’s tecky friend!


3 thoughts on “Halleluia! A Friend To The Rescue”

  1. SO happy things are working out for you, Angie! I too love to sit and crochet, as you well know. I’m working on a baby afghan right now that when finished, my neighbor will be taking to Children’s hospital to give to a little girl in the NICU. Included with this afghan will be a letter to the little girl’s mother telling her the tale of how I came to Love my Mom beyond measure. Have a wonderful day today!! 🌼🌼🌼

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    1. At one time I made caps for my sister’s neo-natal unit. She is a nurse and was in the USAF and asked me if I could do that for her. It was so much fun for me and helped a lot of babies. Now I make them for myself! My apartment is so cold that I have to wear neck warmers and hats or I catch a cold. I could turn the heat up but then the MS would act up, so it’s better to just add layers of clothing and grit my teeth so they won’t chatter! I hope you are having wonderful days every day now! You sure deserve them, Sweet Friend. ❤ ❤

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      1. Yes, Angie, I am having some wonderful days, thank you! The sadness is minimal compared to the total devastation I was feeling. Now you have me thinking of making neonatal hats for these babies. Those I could make in a snap. Hmmmm …. I’ll have to ask my neighbor about it who knows the woman who actually volunteers in this department. 😘😘😘

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