This And That

55a693c0fc3e4aba86fa309933de0fd4The caption here should read “Do you remember this?”  I found so many memories like this on Pinterest where this photo was found, and couldn’t resist it.  The old wooden case that held 24 bottles of Coca Cola.  They went into the old Coke machine and I could insert my nickel and pull out an ice cold, 8 ounce  bottle of Coca Cola any time I actually had an extra nickel!  When I was young 5 cents was hard to come by, but the real bargain was when we had a quarter!  then we could  buy a carton of Coke (or any other soft drink) for a quarter.  I think you might be able to get a small sip for that today, provided you have a close friend who is willing to share the cost with you.  I recently ordered a small coke at a local place and paid $1.65.  Might have left it behind but hey!  I was thirsty and caffeine deprived at the moment.  And I forgot to take my thermos!

Enjoy the rest of this St. Patrick’s Day, and the Luck of the Irish to ye!  Oh, yes!  I have a wee drop of Irish in me.  One quarter I believe.  I’m claimin’ that much, so ye have to allow it.  One look at me red-haired grandson who left me presence a few moments ago and ye would come closer to believin’ it.