Did Someone Say Spring Is Here?

I heard that rumor somewhere this morning.  But with cloudy skies I just turned over and went back to sleep.  Heard it mentioned again this afternoon, but no sunshine yet, so made a cup of tea and worked on my latest crochet project.  Heard it again, looked over at the window and noticed a white fog.  That seemed to bear some investigation so I went over to look out.  No, I must be losing my vision again.   Or maybe the rumor was wrong.  Could be I’m too high up and it was cloud cover.  Texted Mike.  He said I’m not crazy, it really is that white four letter white stuff falling out of the sky.  Now, I truly don’t want to be blind, but at this moment my usual “temporary” kind of losing it for a few hours then having it come back for a few more days, weeks or months is better than more snow.  I know I loved the stuff when I was younger, loved everything we could do in the snow.  Sledding down the hill (actually only a slight one) at my Grandmother’s in a dishpan, building snowmen, making snow angels;  but now all I see is the mess we have to contend with as it melts.  Ugly piles of dirty gray icy stuff that last forever.  Makes me shiver just thinking about it.  I think I’ll have to just remember the daffodils we saw on Friday.  Or just gaze over at my orchids that are still blooming.   Hope my jasmine will bloom again soon now that she is in a larger pot and no longer pot-bound.  She looks happy again, but needs some sunshine.  Next trip out I’ll look for a grow light.  

1c31ae5d41c098e68e506f4a8b15b73d I found this photo on Pinterest a few years ago and saved it, knowing the day would come when I would need it for some reason.  Today I need it just to look at and wish I had the watermelon right here, right now, and just because it would mean we had warm sunny weather outside my window.  Sure wouldn’t mind sitting on the back of that pickup with those two kids either!  Those were the days, fields of wildflowers, the sun overhead and nothing to do but enjoy it all with a friend.

Okay, I’m just feeling kinda blue today.  I just don’t like this cold weather that invades my old bones and makes the joints creak.  But this, too, shall pass, and tomorrow will be A-OK.  Today would have been better if my teapot hadn’t set off the air raid siren that passes for a fire alarm here.  A slight case of overkill on the part of management who told me they want to make sure the deaf people hear it!  Um, huh?  The ones in my own family who are deaf, simply by reason of being deaf, can’t hear it, so why do they think —-.  Shutting up now.  Time to add another blanket to my stack of covers make another cup of hot chocolate (yum), add some home made Amaretto to that, and sit back and enjoy some music.  Sounds good to me.  Anybody want to join me?


2 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Spring Is Here?”

    1. I know it will. And we did have a few days of spring, so I’m just being a baby. The windows up here are not very well fitted and we are in a wind tunnel, so I’m just really, really COLD! Three heavy blankets, two sweaters and still shivering me timbers! But, the alternative would be to crank up the heat and make the MS crank up it’s own heat related problems, so better to go grab another blanket and my poncho! And stay under them all day tomorrow! ❤

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