MS Awareness Month

March is almost over and I have yet to mention this horrible disease many of us are fighting on a day to day, minute by minute basis.  Our color is orange, which doesn’t show up well in print, but I hope with some added dark tint it will be easier to see.  My logo this time is one created for me by MichelleMarie, of, my Pink Angel Friend, fellow blogger, and mom to a daughter with MS  MM, as I have always called her, is a lovely, talented woman from Oklahoma who can work magic with photos.  She convinced another blogger, a wonderful photographer from Romania, Paul Militaru to allow me to use one of his photos for my MS posts also.  Where Paul finds orange roses is a complete mystery to me, but he is a master at photography.  The photo that accompanies this post was taken by Paul — the rose photo, that is.  The daisies?  I’ll have to check and get back to you on that one.

14563312_350005912001523_4432197876250319905_n  Rose photo by Paul Militaru.

90ff635804534eeeecee28ce23d8b6eb Pinterest Photo

I checked as promised.  Wasn’t sure since I’ve taken some orange daisies in the past, but this isn’t one of mine.  Some of my photos were eaten when my Dell was, well, how is a good way to say I just tripped over it during a critical update when it was telling me “don’t turn off the computer”?  It was in the process of updating the driver that would help the power cord charge the battery, which at that moment was DEAD!  Another train wreck and I didn’t even have to leave home to accomplish it.

So, the time is late o’clock and my tummy is protesting the lack of dinner.  This choking thing I have isn’t much fun, and this time I’m not getting used to it the way I did the first time.  Guess I’d better heat the noodles up.  Or maybe flog something with a wet noodle?  Sure wish I could remember who used to threaten me with that!  Night folks.  I’m outta here!


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