Today I Found My Spring

Meet my lovely yellow Cymbidium Orchid.  I think I spelled it correctly, but can’t seem to locate the tag that I had in my hot little hand a few seconds ago.  I set it down for a minute and my poltergeist ate it,  Or the little joker is somewhere playing with it and laughing at his tricks. 

This blue thing I’m using is doing it’s best to put me in a bad mood, but it just won’t happen.  I have my pretty yellow happy orchid to keep me smiling, the sun is shining thru my windows and even though the wind is still cold, I feel warm inside.  Oh, in the photo with the sunshine orchid are the Blue Majestic and some of the “Just Add Ice” varieties that I had exclusively before Kroger’s began carrying these others.  The display now is so bright and cheerful with all colors and types I smile just going by them.   The lady in the potted plant department knows me now, asking me today if I didn’t just buy one last week.  No, I only buy one each month, but thanks for asking.  It would be nice to have room for one per week, but unfortunately I have to leave room for my clothes, books, and a few other necessities like food, so that means only one per month.  Still trying to figure out a way to put a plant stand by the window that would be —–

Ya’ll have a good evening!


2 thoughts on “Today I Found My Spring”

    1. Thanks Natalie! It caught my eye as soon as I went thru the door! I was having trouble getting around with it in my lap the leaves were poking me in the face but that is the best part of shopping!


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