Coming To You From My Dell

I’ve been trying for two days to let you know that my Dell was coming home, but both of the drafts were stuck someplace in the atmosphere.  There was a knock on my door a few minutes ago and Mike stuck his head and arm in with my lovely laptop held out, in a hurry as usual, but apologizing for not bringing it last night when he came to work on my power chair.  Things never happen one at a time in my place.  We go along for months with nothing ever happening, then the big “WHAMMO!”  It all hits the fan at the same time.  I will have to do more updating with the Driver Support team to try to speed it up, but it is working on Windows 8 at the moment.  The Windows 10 it came with has disappeared and I really want that back.  I sure don’t want to pay for it again, so that requires another session with the nice people at Driver Update.

As for my chair, I was shopping at Kroger’s Thursday and felt a little, um, pull? to the right, maybe more like a jerk?  Then it felt like the right side was lower.  First thought was a flat tire.  Quick check showed the tire was inflated, so finished my shopping and came home asap, got out of the chair and the problem presented itself immediately.  The right armrest, with the joystick of course, immediately dropped so low it was under the chair seat!  Very alarming, to say the least.  I sent an immediate SOS out to Mike with added HELP,  and every other alarm message I could think of, and he came by last night and fixed that problem.  Mikey can fix anything!

For the uninitiated the photos that just disappeared from the screen are the burgoo kettles that are used at the church picnics around this area.  If I remember correctly each holds 60 gallons of the wonderful food, a local favorite and pretty much a regional dish,  Thick with ground meats, chicken, beef and mutton, onions, cabbage, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, and the spices and sauces that are known to the cooking teams and very few others.  I know one of the best ones, but I won’t tell.  Just going to put the photos back on and see if it will publish this time  If it doesn’t then this one just wasn’t meant to be written!