I Can’t Count That High

Another rainy day here in the Ohio Valley, and in the entire Tri-State area from the looks of it.  Not sure how many of these we’ve had, but it would be easier to count the days we’ve seen some sunshine.  Two words — NOT MANY!

Late last night I was kinda bored, and while lookin’ around the room I focused on the lights in the window.  The Christmas lights!  The ones I stuck up there in such precarious ways while praying that I wouldn’t fall off the little stool built for my grandson 25 years ago and ignored by them all now.  Last night the lights came down!  Used common sense and my common sense and grabber this time so no  drama involved.


A small taste of summer here.  Taken a few years ago of our fish pond, in front of this building.  It’s a quiet place to sit and relax most of the time.  I can’t wait til the pond is opened again for this summer.