Easter Roses

100_5634-001.jpgI was the fortunate recipient of one dozen of these lovely roses yesterday.  I’m not certain what the occasion was — right time, right place maybe.  But what richness!  It made me feel like a queen, so now I hope each person who sees the photo will keep this feeling inside also.  No one handed me a crown but who needs the crown?   They look kinda heavy if you ask me!  And cold?  Brrr!  My nice knit or crochet caps will keep my head and ears warmer all year round!  And the roses will warm my heart long after the blooms have faded, thanks to my old faithful Kodak point and shoot digital camera, circa 1994.  I’ve tried others but keep coming back to this one.

This has been a quiet day, no visitors, no phone calls oops, make that one phone call from Mike!  I almost missed it though.  On Friday my new, upgraded cell phone arrived and I am again being outsmarted by a “smart” phone.  I really dislike using  electronic stuff that is smarter than I!  After all, they are made  by other humans, or so goes the rumor,  I readily admit my talents lie in other directions — many other directions!  But is that a good excuse for someone to make it so difficult to answer a telephone?  I don’t even have the option of slamming the receiver down in disgust any more!  I don’t have a receiver!



4 thoughts on “Easter Roses”

    1. Just trying to answer my cell phone makes me feel like an infant unable to tie my shoes or feed myself. I was finally able to answer one time today, a personal record to be proud of! Imagine! 75 years of age and today I learned how to answer my smart phone! That makes me on the same level as a 3 year old!


      1. Ha ha ha I do know how to answer call and all but I struggle with everything other than that. 😆


      2. I know how, but knowing how and convincing the phone that it should do what I tell it to do are two separate actions. After swiping it open it just sits there still vibrating and looking at me.for several minutes before I can answer. Very frustrating. Not sure if I use it or it uses me!


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