Sunday Morning Way Too Early

And wondering why I’m still awake.  Okay, so I had to clean the kitchen first, and that led to some other things that were out of place and those led to others that led to, well, now it’s time to get up and I haven’t gone down yet.  And even worse, there is a pile of stuff still out of place to be put away.  I’m afraid to put it away though because I already know there will be more stuff every place I turn and eventually I’ll wind down and probably just collapse where my batteries run out of juice which could be in a closet or under some furniture or even scrubbing those flower pots that are soaking in the bath tub.  I might never be found or heard from again!  It could be like that old song from so long ago I’ve forgotten the words, something about the man who never returned after boarding the subway in Boston.   On the other hand, that would assure my getting some real rest, so it wouldn’t be all bad.  Think I’ll eat first though.

Now, if my computer will cooperate, I’m gonna talk a little bit about the good old dn of Highway 81 of my dreams.  So hard  to realize so many of them are gone whilente those of us still here are going strong — except in isolated cases when these cotton pickin electronics take over and try to rule my life.   And   it just ate half of my content before kicking me back to my sign-in screen,  Don’t feel like fighting a battle of wills   with a



7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Way Too Early”

  1. Wow wow wow this is beautiful. I didn’t realize you changed you blog name! You may notice I just followed! I’m the same way can’t sleep. I find myself going over and over things in my mind! I love your photo Angel friend! Sending my love and hugs! xoxo ❤

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    1. I guess I changed the name just before Thanksgiving after the other one was pirated and put up for sale by some company claiming it was their creation! Tried to get WP Engineer’s help but kept getting the run around. Like a bad penny, I keep coming back, so I just changed the name and started over again for the fifth time!
      Thanks for following! I can’t remember the last time I slept more than a couple of hours a night. Just can’t turn my mind off long enough for me to slow down and rest.

      If you ever want to use an orchid for your art feel free to pull out any of mine you like! My photography isn’t as good as it was once but with the right work it can be saved and made lovely.


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