My Friend Angel

This is my neighbor, Angel, who dropped in for a visit this morning.  She’s a frequent visitor,actually; quick on her feet and lightening fast, through her door and mine before Jerry or I realize she is not in the right apartment.  He is still astonished that she feels at home here, I always have her favorite food and toys on hand along with some soft fleecy throws made for soft little girls like Angel.

100_5673   100_5672 an

100_5671  100_5675

Angel has lived next door to me a little over a year now, and she’s pretty popular in the building, but I’m still the only one she will stay with.  Maybe because I keep her favorite food, maybe because I have the soft fleece, maybe she just likes me  I never question the reasons why a puppy loves a person.  I just love ’em back.  You get pure love from animals, unconditional,  none of the “I’ll love you if you will” kind of stuff people impose on each other.  Yep, I wanna be someone’s pampered pet.

Y’all have a good afternoon.


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