Great Start For May


Another photo of Miss Victoria, courtesy of my daughter.  She grows so quickly and is smiling now, knowing the reason for the smile–in this case, probably Daddy!  From the photos I’ve seen it looks a lot like she is Daddy’s little girl.  Way to go, Alan!

So hard for me to believe it’s already May!  What happened to April, for heaven’s sake?  It was the first part of April last week and just look now–May 1!

Breaking in a “new for me” Lenovo Ideabook,  Lenovo name for laptop, I guess.  It arrived today after a short journey around the neighborhood.  Apparently the new driver couldn’t tell the difference between my building, the tallest one in town, and a two storey yellow building about half a block from here, so he delivered it to the short, yellow building, leaving it outside the door.  So nice to have a tracking app on my phone.  When they told me at our front desk the UPS man hadn’t been here yet I decided to do some tracking of my own and it was finally located at the wrong place, picked up by the driver again and brought to my apartment door for signature!  This one is doing all the right things– the laptop, not the driver who stuck it on the wrong front porch!  Just such a pain having to set up.  And even worse when ya fall asleep with a finger stuck on one letter, as I just woke up to find!  Nice nap, but erasing about four pages of “d’s” wasn’t my idea of fun.  Must mean it’s time to shut things down and go to bed, huh?