Slept My Life Away — Almost

Seems like it was May 1 a few minutes ago, but just woke from my migraine headache tablet to find it is now Thursday!   No more headache though — just sluggish from sleeping too long with my neck in the wrong position!  Bet most of you know what THAT feels like, huh?  Not something I want to try very often!  But the good news is that the migraine is gone.  Thank God for Imitrex!  

Everything looks the same as when I fell asleep.  Shucky dern, no nice fairy godmother came by and cleaned up the mess I made before falling asleep on whatever day it was.  Not sure, but I think my poltergeist might have paid a visit while I slept without the fairy godmother to make him behave.  Wouldn’t ya just know it?  Some days you’re the winner, but most days it doesn’t happen!


I did find the table cleaned up, but I was going to replace a few of the things on this table and it it still looking at me with a few minor changes made in the past three years/  I actually have other photos on it now, but the autumn flowers haven’t been replaced by spring blossoms yet.  Something to do after I’m awake enough to move without hitting the floor again..  With the right side of my face finally beginning to look right again I sure don’t want to add any new bumps or bruises.  Not as colorful as it was when I went to sleep — thankfully!  Now if the butterflies that occupy the empty space where the brain should be would stop fluttering by life would be golden!  And about time something in these “golden years” should actually be golden!  Ya know, they don’t even put gold fillings in our teeth now?  And not that many people get rich on Social Security.  As far as I know only the Congress people who used our Social Security for their secret after midnight raises have managed that.  Personally, I’m still waiting for that knock on my door with someone telling me I just won $5000 a week for the rest of my life!  I have a feeling the shock of hearing that would shorten my life considerably!

Well, just glanced up and nothing has been straightened up while I’ve been sitting here so I guess it’s time to really get up and start moving around!  Wish me luck getting my legs to work soon.  Still don’t bounce!