14 thoughts on “Today is: National Respect Chickens Day (maybe that means don’t EAT them)”

    1. I’ve always wondered about that, Roger! I’ll have to see if I can remember the poem I wrote several years ago “Chicken In A Tollbooth”! It was based on an incident in real life!


    2. “Chicken in a toll booth lookin’ for a ride,
      but all the cars were on the other side.
      ‘ for a conf”rence lookin’ for deals
      Cause we need that chicken for our Meals on Wheels”!

      Be sure to recite this one in the proper cadence! BA babababa,,BA bababa!

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      1. Just managed to lose your comment about King Lear, but thanks for the idea. I do love writing silly stuff. much to the chagrin of my older two kids. The youngest one is too much like me and keeps “egging” me on in the silly department. I’ve already refined the original ditty a little bit without losing any of the silly. One of the best things about poetry in my humble opinion. I should take your advice about the “Queen Lear” sig. If I start another blog page as Queen Lear will you follow me? You just might be the only one for that. Or maybe just check into how to add another page to this one. Not very savvy about things like that, just very adventurous about new ideas. This one is making me laugh, so it just might come to pass.


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