The Way It Used To Be


This was our fish pond a few years ago.  Haven’t been down to look at it lately, but the last time I was there these fish were gone.  Someone told me a bottle of bleach was poured in the pond, killing all the fish.  We now have plain old overgrown goldfish, otherwise known as coy!  Makes me wonder all over again what is going on in the world today.

These are photos of downtown Owensboro from a few years ago.  Top left is Frederica Street, once the main artery for going everywhere in Owensboro, top right I think is also Frederica, but a later picture, while the bottom is Main, or Second Street, one block south of the Ohio River.  Now, for the enlightenment of all who don’t speak our particular dialect — and that includes everyone who is NOT from Owensboro, Fred’rica is the way that street is pronounced .  Just forget all about the “e” before the “rica” part.  Of course, we can always tell who grew up here and who is a newcomer to our town by the way they pronounce our street names.  At one time, around the time these photos, courtesy of the Owensboro Visitors Bureau, were the main parts of town, back before South Frederica malls were opened.  Just after one of the strip malls opened we had some rain.  It rained and rained for weeks, as usual in this time of year, and someone kinda forgot to tell the folks who opened their stores there that they were sitting smack dab in the middle of one of our many flood planes.  We’re surrounded by flood planes, probably in part because Owensboro is built on quicksand and sitting pretty close to the New Madrid fault, but hey, that’s part of what makes living here exciting.  Seems like this year we’ve been under one flood warning after another, part of the added excitement of being in the midst of several rivers and creeks.

In case anyone is wondering, I’m kinda bored tonight.  I began the day with lots of good intentions — like getting all the clutter put back in place in the living room.  I got as far as opening the space to put the stuff.  Then I realized I had started making a necklace a few days ago, mainly because it was setting there on the work table looking at me.  Inspiration struck as I looked at the components, I sat for a minute that stretched into a couple of hours, putting that necklace together.  It took that long to pick it all up off the floor several times when I dropped  it all, one tiny thing after another, culminating in my tipping the table over and watching an open container of beads scatter across the floor.  So, the new first item on the list was to get the beads up because I hang out in my socks rather than wear shoes around the place and stepping on then hurts!  Now that I think back, I actually did finish one thing today.  I’m wearing that necklace right now.  Looks good with my sweats and tee shirts.  Just checked my wrist:  sometimes I pick a watch up that has fallen on the floor, or in this case, one that just got a new battery stuck in it and I put them on my wrist so I can still find them when I begin putting stuff away.  Only one watch on, but half a dozen bracelets.  /which reminds me again that it’s time for me to drag out the jewelry boxes so I’ll be able to take the stuff off and put it away in it’s own little home!

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if—-well, not at this time.  I still have the kitchen to straighten up and the dishwasher to load before the night is over.  I actually manage to get more accomplished at night, strangely enough.  Part of the joy of insomnia I guess.  Also have a few more pages to write about a few of my memories.  Trying to get them all written down and put together in coherent form just in case one of my kids should ever want to read them.  So for now I’ll leave you with another photo from the past.  Provided I can find it.  Have a good rest of the weekend!