The Devil Made Me Do This!

Originally posted on Buffalo Tom Peabody’s blog 2: For Mother’s Day we thought you might like to see some photos of our “little church on the corner…” Happy Mother’s Day! Your best friends, Buffalo Tom, Gunther, Iggy & Larry

via The Trump Tower Caper (29): Mother’s Day — It Is What It Is  

After laughing myself senseless, I simply had to re-blog this one.  Hope everyone enjoys it even half as much as I have.  And still I laugh.  Too much, Doc.


Happy Mother’s Day

To all the Mothers in the world, I hope today you have a beautiful, happy Mother’s Day.  Sure, it’s a day just for all the mothers in the world, and in this category I must include this group of ladies, the Mother of Jesus first of all, Maggie, the newest mother in my family, Mama Ree who has always been my second mom,  Jayna, the granddaughter who is faced with the realities of Leukemia in her oldest son,  my daughter, Gina, who learned only the best and ignored the rest, Tricia, mom of my first two grandkids,  my grandmothers from both sides of the family, Mom G. and Grandmother B., and although her photo is one of the smallest, Janette!  What a year she has lived thru, and she still has that lovely smile on her face in spite of everything.  If I could bestow sainthood on anyone, it would be on Janette.


To my own Mom, for the third Mother’s Day now, I love you, and most of all.  I understand now!  You did your best for us all, and sometimes I wonder how you managed with the seven of us.  We all survived in spite of the lack of material things, and we are all better for that lack.  You lived thru more than anyone else I know, yet you survived it all and raised the seven of us with no life threatening injuries out on Highway 81, making sure we all had plenty of food to eat, clothes on our backs, more than enough fun to make us all better people for the rest of our own lives.  Things were said between us but I loved you then and will continue until I join you in heaven.

I often marvel at the fact that my Mom was our nurse, doctor, seamstress, designer, laundress, chef, baker, cleaning lady — well, she did it all.  And she did it on practically no money at all.  Since we never missed what we never had it worked out so well for us all.  She kept us fed with the produce grown in the garden, picked and canned or frozen at its peak, and always enough to last until the next harvest.  When we were hurt she always knew what to do, how to fix it, how to make it all better.  Her medicine cabinet held strips from torn sheets for bandages, a roll of tape, iodine, Mercurochrome,  a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning wounds, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, a few items to relieve the mosquito bite itching, the itching from chiggers, the itching from allergies, and most important of all — a large bottle of Black Diamond Liniment!  It cured all wounds and probably prevented most airborne diseases by limiting the number of people who wanted to be around anyone who smelled like that!  

So today, to all of the mothers in the world, Happy Mothers Day.  May you be as happy with our lives today as you chose to be with yours.