I’m just a dreamer.

Is there room in this world today for people like me?I think not!

We are judged by our accomplishments.

I have no degrees and nothing I have done will ever change the course of history.

I’m just a dreamer.

I write my dreams on paper, a series of jumbled thoughts.

Only words, meaningless to all but me, because

I’m just a dreamer.

I don’t make great plans that affect the future of the planet.

My words don’t fill books that influence lives because

I’m just a dreamer.,

My poems and songs are not repeated by others.Only by me in dark of night, because

I’m just a dreamer.

My dreams could be real, but only if others dreamed also.

Peace, Love, Understanding, Harmony —

A world of greens and blues unpolluted by man’s waste,

but I’m just a dreamer.

We would help each other, no one would be hungry, children would be welcomed and loved–I have no real solution because

I’m just a dreamer.

If those who know how to do would connect with those who dream–

I don’t know because I’m just a dreamer!

Maybe those who plan would talk with those who dream–But who knows?

I’m just a dreamer!


11 thoughts on “Dreamer”

  1. I’m a dreamer, too, Angie. I’m still determined to go after my dreams even if I still don’t totally have those dreams formed yet in my mind. My Higher Self knows what they are so I just follow the bread crumbs that lead me straight into the arms of my Love …. my Dreams. (((HUGS)))! 🌹

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  2. I”ll always be a dreamer, Amy. I wrote this about 35 years ago and it is still true today — maybe more so now than it was when I wrote it. I was still young back then, hadn’t been diagnosed with MS yet, had other plans for my future, a future that looked a lot brighter then, but one thing I’ll never change is my way of handling life.. It gets amended from time to time to compensate for how much I can do now, but as long as we can all dream there is always the hope that some day they WILL come true. I also still wish on stars.


  3. Angie, that is just beautifully written.. And if it is any consolation. I am just a Dreamer too.. left School with no qualifications either aged 15.. 🙂 As was the age back then.. 🙂
    Lovely creative writing Angie.. Loved every word xx

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