Visiting Angel

The three “angels” in my life — my still lamented Max, always ready to pose when the camera was turned his way, top right, Angel, camera shy and with me at the moment, bottom right, Tessa, my buddy from the 18th floor, celebrating her third birthday today.

I still miss Max, eight years later but almost like he passed this morning.  Angel and Tessa do their best to fill the empty place but they always have to go back home before the day is over.  And while I had a great montage of the three on the screen a few minutes ago, my computer burped and they disappeared, meaning I now have to go back and try to find them again. Wow, success!  Makes me wonder if I should just close this one out now and add a second post later.  Almost lost them again, so later—-


6 thoughts on “Visiting Angel”

  1. I see who your visiting Angel is! Dogs are so steadfast in their love, it’s such a joy to have one around. They become your family and it does leave a hole in your heart even years after they are gone.

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    1. Angel 👼is such a little sweetheart! She helps to fill the void left when Max passed away seven years ago. I never got another dog 🐕because you can’t replace them.. So, I just take Angel every time she scoots in my door and keep her til Jerry comes to get her! 💞💞😇

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