Can I Just Say “AAAArrrggghhh!

This looked like a good time to post again, especially since it’s the first time I’ve been on the laptop rather than the Kindle for several days.  Then things began getting wonky again so I’m not sure if there is such a time as a “good” one.

My sweet youngest came over yesterday to install new batteries in my power chair and I was kinda taken aback when he held his right hand up and inadvertently shot me the bird!  He seems to be kinda accident prone these days, and the middle finger of his right hand was encased in a thick bandage, the result of another farm accident where he got his finger caught in some equipment at the corral and ripped it open.  Twenty one stitches later they had it cleaned, bandaged and encased in a metal finger brace.  I’m sure the apparatus has a different name, but it’s late and I can’t think of it now, even though I’m sitting here looking at my own brace, or support thingy.  Now why would he ever want to copy some of my crazy accidents?  His dad always did say he was too much like me in so many ways, even though he looks more like his dad.

Come to think of it, his dad also had some rather spectacular accidents on the farm.  Like the hottest summer day we had been blessed with in so many years, his dad was looking for something to do, noticed that the corn bin needed cleaning, and climbed inside to do the job.  The outside temps were 100+ F. but it just seemed imperative to this dear soul to go inside the metal bin where the temp had to be several degrees hotter, not letting anyone know he was in there as a “just in case” precaution, and begin working.  I think we are all like that at times, but Edd led a charmed life that day.  He made it to the house before collapsing, and for the first time in our lives together told me I should call the doctor.  Didn’t say why, just call him.  I finally managed to get part of the story from him, called the doctor, and was told to give him lots of milk to drink.  That turned out to be the best medical advice we  were ever given, bringing Edd back from the near dead and giving me yet another natural remedy for heat prostration.  It came in handy many times for the rest of our lives together.

The last one I remember was the night we had been in bed for several hours, or so I thought, when I heard the kitchen door open and some shuffling of feet.  Both of the boys were out on dates that night so I thought at first t was one or both of them returning home, but then I heard Edd calling out that he needed help.  It just happened to be the same corn bin that almost did him in again, this time from falling off it onto the concrete pad surrounding it.  He was almost asleep when he heard the rain start, and like the usual method of silly accidents, suddenly couldn’t remember if he had shut the opening at the top of the bin or not.  So, once again without telling anyone, he got up and went out to check, slipped on the wet metal top and fell to the concrete pad below.  Huge sigh!  The boys both got home about this time and they were sent out to check the bin, close the top which actually had been forgotten, and came back inside just in time to help me get their dad to the car for yet another Saturday night trip to the ER.

The doctors and nurses there knew us well by this time, because for several months I was transporting at least one of the guys in every Saturday night.  One of them would become careless while working the cattle, something it seemed like they did every Saturday, usually while I was away doing the grocery shopping.  I would get home with the bags of groceries and follow the trail of blood into the house, always wondering which one of them it was that particular week.  The scene inside was almost a carbon copy each week, the bathroom filled with dirty, blood encrusted towels, the sink with some stains still there, bandage wrappers strewn every place, but not another human in sight to give me any idea at all about which one it was this time.  I still wonder how they all survived these weekends, but at least they didn’t go so far as to dedicate a parking place to one of us at the hospital.

Okay, I just managed to erase a couple of paragraphs, so it must be time for me to shut the computer down and go to bed.  After I put away the Monterrey Spaghetti that sounded so good a few hours ago.  I ate too much and it is beginning to get kinda heavy inside.  Not a good thing to do this late at night, but it sure is good  I might have to do a few exercises before I hit the mattress though..