Learning about Life from Ad Slogans… Part 1

I just found this post and love it! Slogans can be so good and uplifting when well done as the ad slogans in this post show, and then there are the ones that make me want to scream. I probably
will add to this statement at a later date with the ones that are at the top of my hit list of ads that should never be shown.



When we watch television we normally avoid watching Advertisement. But if you watch the advertisement carefully and listen there slogans, many of the Ads gives us understanding about life. We can apply those little slogan in our life and we can surely improve our life.

Here I have made an attempt to do the same I have collected some old and new Ad and Companies Slogans….. Let’s look at some of them and see what we can learn and apply from these slogans….

1. McDonalds – “I’m Loving’ It”

We should love our life and must feel as well as say that “I am loving it”. And believe me our life will be beautiful. If you will not love your life and yourself, how some when else will.

2. Subway – “Eat Fresh”

To keep ourselves healthy and fit, we should eat healthy and nutritious food. So “Eat fresh; eat…

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