In Memorium

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My dad was born July 9, 1915 and passed away July 16, 1992, one week to the day after his 77th birthday.  This year he would have been 103 years of age, but the cancer did him in one week after his 77th birthday.  The photos above show me sitting next to my mom, and just dad’s profile next to her.  The second photo is mom and dad cutting the cake on their 25th wedding anniversary.  Somewhere I have photos of them celebrating their 50th anniversary, but as it usually happens, just couldn’t find them yet.

What I did find however, are a couple of poems I wrote during dad’s short illness, while sitting with him.  And I remember so many times when I would go to visit and just sit with him.

Most of all I miss the companionable silences–

        just sitting–you asleep in your chair.

I miss walking with you through Autumn woods

with the only sound the leaves crunching beneath our feet.

I miss your smile, the twinkle in your eyes,

the pleasure of telling you the latest joke, knowing

you would get it every time.

I miss the thoughtful advice–

your patience when I didn’t listen,

your satisfaction when I did.

But it’s okay to miss you now.

The loneliness is okay.

I’ll have your memory forever.

July, 1992

I love you Dad, I miss you still.