Happy July 4 America

18698064_1611726638870034_1630537416200896665_nWishing everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July.  Fireworks are fun to watch, but our kids are more fun to keep around, so please do NOT allow them to play with fireworks unattended.  And also, please be aware of the Veterans in your neighborhood.  They have been thru enough stress; They don’t need the extra stress brought on by indiscriminate fireworks going off at all hours and for days to come.  Make this a great holiday for everyone!


321 Quote Me

Many thanks to Rory for nominating me for the  321 quote challenge. I can only hope I’m doing this correctly.

Here’s the link:   3.2.1. Quote Me


The rules are simple:

Thank the selector   DONE

Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day

Select 3 bloggers to take part in 3.2.1.Quote Me!

Today’s topic is FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD

So, here we go!

c2fbb460ed7745a8ace7dce165bd6054 Image found on Pinterest.!

Since we all know that chocolate is a vegetable, this one seems appropriate.

Images from Pinterest.

Again, if I eat anything myself, a donut would be my choice, but it has to be accompanied by a cherry Coke!  This one fits me because I frequently choke on food — ah, the joys of MS.