Last night I was,um, checking out the facilities, um, checking out the  throne room, um, ah heck!  I had to pee in the middle of the night, as usual! and out of habit just hit the flush handle and to my delight it FLUSHED!  The water was  at last after two long days and nights that felt more like years.  And the air started the slow journey down to a comfortable level from the 96F that was showing on mt thermostat when I checked last night, a very good thing since we started back into another heat advisory today.  We still have to boil the water before using it for at least 24 more hours, but that’s easy enough to do.  It has the added benefit of adding moisture to our otherwise desertlike dry air.

Today turned out to be my day to see or hear from several family members also.  I always visit my aunt on Wednesday and my cousin is usually there as well, but today while we were talking my son came strolling down the hall.  I’m not sure which of us was more surprised, but he stopped for a short visit before heading back out to the farm.  His uncle and half owner of the farm now lives at the same home as my aunt, and Don had just dropped him off after a visit to the farm that Don and Mike run now, with their step-mom taking care of the books for them.  Altogether a winning situation for everyone — with the possible exception of accident prone Mike!  He should be wrapped in bubble wrap and protected from himself — very much like his accident prone mom!  That would be me!


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8 thoughts on “WE HAVE WATER!!!”

  1. Oooohhh … you were without water and without air-conditioning for two days??? In this heat wave??? I feel for you!!! I would trade our 96% humidity for your dry air, though! Glad your water is back on and I hope it stays on!

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    1. The air in the apartment is dry. The air outside is as humid as yours, kinda like breathing underwater, only we are breathing it in without actually seeing it. The joys of living in the Ohio River Valley!

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      1. I have grandchildren in Cincinnati. Lovely place, but oh yes,, humid! Not as many allergens as Owensboro though. My daughter is in Frankfort and does okay until she crosses into Daviess County. She begins sneezing the second she crosses the county line. Sounds incredibly crazy, but it’s true

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  2. I completely believe it!!! I have severe asthma, and I have a friend in Pennsylvania that I visit several times a year. When I am visiting him, my breathing is noticeably improved. Then I start home, and about 35-40 miles before I get to Cincinnati, I notice I start struggling to catch my breath again! I read not too long ago that the Ohio River is the most polluted in the nation! I believe it.

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    1. I’ve heard all of the allergens from around the entire world settle in the Ohio Valley, so we don’t stand a chance! I always notice a difference too even though my asthma isn’t as bad as it used to be. Guess the MS keeps me inside so much now that mine are changing, or maybe they are just waiting for the right moment to all hit at once! Sure don’t want to live anywhere else though.

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      1. I hadn’t heard that, but it doesn’t surprise me. I read not long ago that the Ohio River is the most polluted in the nation. As a non-native of the area — I moved to Columbus in the 1980s to take a job at Honda, hated working at Honda, so I moved here for a different job — I can think of a few hundred places I would rather live. But, I’m settled here and my daughter’s job is here. However, we have been talking about a move, so we will see.

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