Just Because It’s Tuesday


I found this on Pinterest, my home away from home, or home on the range or in the tall building or whatever!  Seems like good advice to me, but I have to admit I’ve never tried this and I’m not sure why it seemed like a good idea to post it!  I saw my kid poke herself in the eye with a banana but can’t remember the occasion, just the mess the peanut butter on the banana made.  Well, I’m the one who had to clean the mess up, so how could I forget the incident?

I wonder each time I post if this will be my last one or not.  No, not going to stop, just so many people I know are passing lately that I figure I’m not getting out of here alive and one of these days it will be my body that is found.  My doc asked me once what she should do if she came in and I was on the floor — I had just stressed my DNR preferences again at her request, so I told her, if I’m still breathing just go away for a while and come back later to see if it’s time to call the coroner!  Seriously, why fight something that we have no control over?  We can’t live forever, and to tell the truth, I don’t want to!  I’ve seen some pretty crotchety old people — and I’m becoming one myself, so why on earth would anyone want to live forever when they are crotchety? You have to keep up the facade of being that way all the time and that is too much like work for me to enjoy it.  It’s hard enough to keep the junk cleared off the floor and tables and counters and every other place junk can accumulate to live forever and have to work at being crotchety!  Nah, I’ll just take the time I’m given, be thankful for what I was given and go on from there.

Of course there are some things I would change if possible.  Like those pesky beeping sounds I keep hearing lately!  Then there are the floaters in front of my eyes.  Ya just don’t realize how silly some things can look until you are looking across the room and those pesky “gnats” keep flying around your face.  I tend to try to shoo them away only to discover they are floaters and they won’t be shoo’d .  Maybe some day I’ll have the urge to video tape some of my encounters with life sized floaters, but nah!  that would be too weird even for me.  I once got up and brought the bay leaves in to scatter around my chair as gnat repellents before realizing what they truly were.  Talk about feeling silly!


I’m not much for fish unless we’re talking about eating them, but this photo is one I took many, many moons ago after I first moved in this building.  These fish fascinated me, mainly because of all the colors.  Unfortunately someone poured a bottle of bleach in the pond soon after the photo was taken, the fish all died and were replaced a few years later with common goldfish!  the kind that swims, not the ones in the box that you snack on.  I’ve heard the swimming kind are very oily, but will rely on the report of others rather than trying to eat one myself.  I have heard about people in college way back in time — mid century 20th century that is, who decided swallowing live goldfish would be fun.  Just can’t imagine how anyone could consider that fun, but they probably wouldn’t find much fun in doing some of the things I find fun and/or fascinating so it all works out.  Sure wouldn’t be a fun world if we all did the same thing –ewey , that would be so dull it would put us all to sleep!  And since I’m not going anyplace with this one anyway, I think I’ll close it out and take a nap!  G’nite folks!