My First Movie Review

And probably my last one, since this is not really one of my strong points.  However, yesterday morning I was scrolling thru the hundreds of movie choices I get from my FireStick TV, a recent purchase from, and I found one called “Lifted”.  Now you will understand why this is both a first and last review, because I neglected to note the studio, producer, even the actors involved in this movie, remembering only that it is available with the Amazon FireStick on one of the apps that accompany this device.

I don’t usually do commercials or endorse any particular product over another but I’,m here to tell you that device was one of the best things I ever ordered.  And just think about this, if a 75 year old disabled woman can install it on her plain Jane TV without any help, just think what an able bodied person an do!  I’m also not getting paid for this, so don’t buy it because you think it might help me in any way..  I just love to share good things with other people so consider this my shared gift for the day.

So, back to the movie—it is filled with music, based on a true story about a young boy who wins the Alabama State Singers contest/award, and I would have to watch it again to be sure that is even the name of the contest.  It takes place during the Afghanistan/Iraq war, a period  I would rather forget, the music is a genre I personally don’t care that much for, and take my word for this — you will need a couple boxes of tissue by the end.  And this lack of information is the reason I can’t write reviews.  About all I can do is tell everyone to give it a try.  I’m not even sure if it has ever been in the theaters yet, but since I am a person of discriminating taste not a theater goer, (problems with the sound being too loud there) I just don’t keep up with things like that.  So, this is the way I make a short story something that requires a commitment from my readers to finish, and why I will NEVER be any good as a movie reviewer.  Fortunately, I have never even considered movie reviewing as a career choice.

The above photos are some of my favorites, Panther Creek Park –one of my favorite places near Highway 81, where I almost grew up one day when I forgot to look, a quilt made from my Mom’s shirts and tops after she passed away three years ago, my very first ever grandchild, Alan, now a dad himself, my son Mike, daughter-in-love Janette, and sons Logan and Noah, a repeat of that one, grandson Noah, and yep, the last one is me!  Taken a long time ago, and while I still had my guitar.  Made the mistake of letting my older son take it at a time when he was taking lessons, and now can’t get it back.  Oh well, I have my memories — at least occasionally.

Ya’ll have a great rest of this Labor Day weekend.  I’m gonna get some needlework done!


11 thoughts on “My First Movie Review”

  1. Ha ha … It is probably good that you don’t plan to earn a living as a reviewer, but as a humourist you are spot on! About two years ago, disgusted with the poor service from our satellite t.v. carrier, we dropped Direct TV and purchased a fire stick. Best move we ever made! My daughter since purchased another for her television upstairs, and I’m with you … it is a wonderful invention. I, too, avoid the movie theatres, for I am about 75% deaf and it is a waste of money, for I can rarely understand the dialog. I wait ’til it comes out on video or on Amazon Prime (another great thing, if you don’t already have it) and then I can watch it with closed-captioning!

    Have a great Labour Day, my friend!

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    1. My hearing just shuts down when the noise gets too loud so the last time I went to te theater, I think about 25 years ago, it was a nightmare! I never realized how great the fire stick was until I just got so fed up with our cable I was ready to take it out. I am a member of Prime, and there are really a load of free movies to keep me watching for years. I’ve had a Kindle Fire for a couple of years and already had a bunch of movies already loaded on that, along with photos and music which I can now view and hear on my larger TV screen.

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      1. The last actual movie I saw was Beaches when it first came out in 1988 … actually, I think it was January 1989 when I first moved to Columbus to take a job at Honda. Since then, I went to one Winnie The Pooh movie with the fam, and couldn’t understand a word, so I ate some popcorn and under cover of darkness, went to sleep! Another thing we share! I am on my 2nd Kindle, this one a Fire, and considering a new one, for this one is old and doesn’t hold a charge well any more. I haven’t watched movies on it, use it mainly for reading, but also for checking email, blog comments, etc., in the middle of the night when I awaken and can’t get back to sleep.

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  2. This is my third Kindle, a replacement for the first reader I had. I sorta recycled that one when I got #2, my first fire, by giving it to a friend who needed a little bit of help at the moment. My aunt now has the second one because with my vision failing I needed a larger screen, so when this one, the larger one came out at a good price I had the money saved for it. At times I just find a good movie on the Kindle and transfer it to the TV to watch. Don’t have to worry so much about the battery this way. Not sure how many books are loaded on this device but I know there are a lot, with more saved for me at Amazon. Music also –just can’t say enough about it.


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