Pitchforks And Puppy dogs

Ever heard the expression “It’s raining pitchforks and puppy dogs”? We have had some weather like that recently, and just look at the puppy dog that showed up at my door! I’ll be taking care of Tessa for a couple of weeks and I’m sending photos to her person each morning. We got a phone call from Rose last night and I put it on the speaker phone so Tessa could hear it too. I think we might have confused the poor baby though. She ran to the door when she heard mom’s voice and it was a few moments before she was persuaded that she was still stuck with

I’m learning a few new things while taking care of Tessa. The biggie is to be far from the electronic devices as possible while they are charging and transferring files. I’m not sure what happened but the poor baby was in severe pain when I inadvertently picked her up. I’ll never forget that, and never, ever do it again! I can’t imagine what it was like for her. She is kinda keeping her distance from me now so I have to win her confidence again, one baby step at a time.

Y’all have a good day now!