Pitchforks And Puppy dogs

Ever heard the expression “It’s raining pitchforks and puppy dogs”? We have had some weather like that recently, and just look at the puppy dog that showed up at my door! I’ll be taking care of Tessa for a couple of weeks and I’m sending photos to her person each morning. We got a phone call from Rose last night and I put it on the speaker phone so Tessa could hear it too. I think we might have confused the poor baby though. She ran to the door when she heard mom’s voice and it was a few moments before she was persuaded that she was still stuck with

I’m learning a few new things while taking care of Tessa. The biggie is to be far from the electronic devices as possible while they are charging and transferring files. I’m not sure what happened but the poor baby was in severe pain when I inadvertently picked her up. I’ll never forget that, and never, ever do it again! I can’t imagine what it was like for her. She is kinda keeping her distance from me now so I have to win her confidence again, one baby step at a time.

Y’all have a good day now!


15 thoughts on “Pitchforks And Puppy dogs”

    1. I’ve been wondering if maybe the fact that I was transferring the files by bluetooth with the phone in my hand when I picked her up had anything to do with it. Hard to tell without a lot more knowledge about how the signals work, but maybe a high pitched noise? She finally got over it and started playing with me again, and seems to hear me okay == not that she comes when I call her, she just takes that opportunity to play “catch me if you can” and remain a fingertip too far to be caught. Her nickname “Tessa Messa” fits her at those times. Little clown!

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      1. Who knows? I still haven’t figured out how any of the new technology … WiFi, BlueTooth, cell phones, etc. work! I’m just glad she’s doing okay now.

        I can tell that you are having a great time, and it sounds like she is too! I’m guessing she is in the process of being spoiled rotten! 😀

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  1. What do you mean “getting” spoiled? That ship sailed before I even met her. My friend, Rose — her person, made sure of that. I just sorta added to the process, lol. I did more Bluetooth transfers today without hurting her ears, and she was in my lap most of the time so it must have been that she was between the two devices before. As for understanding the technology, I just feel glad I can figure out how to do it with minimal jerking my hair out by the roots!

    We are having a good time even if she is still a baby who wants to play “catch me if you can”. And since she is still young even in dog years she always wins that one! Hugs!


      1. I must admit the aging process is a most humbling one indeed! Unfortunately the society we live in is so focused on Youth and false Beauty that we who are caught up in the aging process are mor or less tossed aside. If you don’t feel good about yourself nobody else will, Angie. I think you’re beautiful! 😙

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      2. It’s not the appearance that gets to me so much as the stiff, aching joints, fingers that no longer work the same as 20 years ago — what am I saying? They don’t work as well as 2 years ago, but gee, I have to keep on using them just so I won’t lose it all. And thank you for the compliment. I know it is what’s inside more than outside that matters, and I have never really given much thought to outside appearance, because it just takes up too much of my time. And that time can be spent doing better things than worrying about wrinkles, dentures and graying hair. 😇❤😩🤷‍♀️💖🐶


    1. Oh yes, she did indeed. She still runs in my apartment every time I open the door at the same time Jerry opens his. At the moment I’m taking care of Tessa, one of the other puppy friends in the building. I’ve had her two and a half weeks and have to admit it’s time for her to go home, but her person has been vacationing in Florida and got too sick to fly home. Had Tessa and Angel both here one night while Jerry came over to visit and they played together surprisingly well — after a few minor territorial discussions. I hope Tessa’s person will be home soon though. Only enough food for 2 more days and one pee pad left now. I prefer not getting stuck with the bill for more!

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