A Sky Full Of Angels

 Photos from Pexels.

Blue Angels, that is.  Courtesy of the United States Navy Department.  They began flying in yesterday for an air show they will be giving in town Sunday, an event that always pleases around here.  Hopefully the sky will still be clear on Sunday so we can see as well as hear the show.  Always a stirring — or maybe I should admit, heart stopping, event.  I’ll also admit it scares me silly! 😀 My building is so close to the airport it feels and sounds as if they are coming into my living room in a very real sense.  I’ll even admit that I’m scared stiff at even the thought of flying, just absolutely certain that if God meant for me to fly He would have made my wings visible enough to give me more confidence about the whole thing.

With that said, I’ll try to talk about my first time in an airplane.  We left Owensboro in a very small one that reminded me more of riding behind my son on one of the three wheelers on the farm — ya know, hitting every bump (and in the case of my son, every mud puddle he could find, just for the fun of it), engines laboring to get a large piece of metal off the ground. 🛫🛩  Uh-uh, not my favorite thing to do.  Much better to walk or take a bus 🚌, but we were going to Germany and they haven’t built the bridge across the oceans yet, so I swallowed a couple of Dramamine and pretended all was well.  Not so bad then, but we had to switch from the little plane to a big one to get across the ocean, and my Mom booked our tickets, so we flew into O’Hare and changed to Iceland Air for the flight over the water.  It was larger than the commuter flight we took to Chicago, but not by much.  For the first time in my life I felt like a human sardine, packed tightly into that WWII surplus airplane, in the middle of a 3-seat row with Mom by the window, where she actually looked out at the ground below on several occasions, and a very large man in the aisle seat.  I took the remainder 10 Dramamine tabs and tried to sleep.  Impossible to sleep while cramped between two people, but I tried.  Almost made it at one time, but my very excited Mom shook me wide awake again and told me to look out the window at some icebergs after we were over the northern seas on the way to a layover in Iceland.  Gee, thanks Mom!

So, almost an hour in the very nice and modern terminal in Reykjavik, spelling aided by Spellcheck, while they refueled and cleaned the plane, then the long walk in the icy air back to reboard for the last leg of the trip to visit my sister.  With only one more bottle of Dramamine in my bag I had to suffer thru this part all on my own.  And I do mean suffer.   Motion sickness high in the sky is not much fun, but then it’s not much fun on the ground either.  At least I saw the icebergs when we landed in Iceland, so Mom was appeased.  And we found some nice souvenirs and even waited until our return flight to buy them, since 3 weeks sightseeing in Germany and surrounding countries would be bad enough without having to pack extras with us.  Plus, we really needed the space in our bags for all the goodies we found in Germany! 👕👚👜👠👢🎄🎀🎁  My brother-in-love packed it all up in boxes when we got back to their place and shipped it all home for us.  Well. after all, they were still using the mark and our exchange rate was 5 to 1, so we even had money left over when we had to come home.  Sis was happy to accept the marks that were left as a hostess gift, since the exchange rate had changed by that time.

fc1bacd22f4ebc4c27fc2609e8f2d0bf Found this on Pinterest and it fits my present condition!



5 thoughts on “A Sky Full Of Angels”

  1. I do love your humour … you always bring a smile! And love the pics of the planes! I started flying somewhere around age 2, and used to love to fly, but I have not been on a plane since 9/11. I hope you don’t mind, but I am snagging your meme, for it suits me well also! Have a great weekend!

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  2. Thanks, Jill. That’s one of my favorites also. I had an entire response ready to post but hit something on the keyboard and lost it in the ethernet. One of the reasons I’m ready to toss my electronics out the window several times a day!

    I’m still waiting for that bridge to be built, so I can take another trip, maybe to Ireland. My ancestors came over from there and I’ve always loved the photos my sister takes when she visits. Hugs ((()))


    1. I manage to avoid anything that moves off the ground — planes, boats, stuff like that. I also try to avoid farm equipment. Not so much a problems now as it was when I lived on the farm. Didn’t mind the trucks so much but some of the tractors were soooo huge I needed a ladder to climb up to the cab, which meant I was so high off the ground! This angel doesn’t have wings yet so no flying until they begin to sprout from my back! 🤣😇

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