Here It Is, Jill

Recently I started quilting again after seeing some fabric sheets that go in my printer and come out with mixed results in my case.  After printing several of them out I’ve learned a few new tricks to make them look better, but anyway, I’m hooked on making pillows and bags, and have even started a memory quilt for my kids.   So, when I told Jill Dennison of Filosofas World about the bag I just finished she wanted to see a photo of it.  Well, after many attempts at getting a good photo, here are some of the shots, not my best work with the camera, but I just couldn’t convince that doggone bag that it should sit up and pose for me.  Hope you like the photos.  This bag is the first of many more to come!  The pictures were found on Pinterest.

 Kinda neat looking, huh?  Don’t mean to toot my own horn on it, but after dropping my needle several times and finding it when it was stepped on, seated on, or just bit me when I stuck my hand in a pocket for some reason.  That kinda smarts, ya know?  But the quilting part if fun again after several years hiatus from holding that little needle.  I am finding the process to be very calming again.  Can’t exactly take a nap under the bag — well, I have a few times, but it’s not as comforting as the full sized blankets when it comes to keeping warm!  Since I don’t have a lot of space here I’m using the quilt as you go method where each block is quilted and when they are stitched together after being quilted.  It’s actually so much easier than the old traditional method of putting them in a frame and calling the neighbors to come in for a quilting party.  Not as much fun, but easier~  Y’all have a great week now.


14 thoughts on “Here It Is, Jill”

    1. Autumn is moving in here also, Sue. I went out this morning and had to use a wrap to keep warm. We went from 90+ weather to low 60’s overnight, probably because of the wind and rain we are getting from Hurricane Florence. I make everything that keeps me warm while I’m doing it. so good to see you again, Sue. I don’t get online much at all any more, and miss everyone. just have to conserve my strength for the things that have to be done before I can do things that are fun but not vital. Have to say my quilts are vital though. Christmas is coming and they are going to be gifts for my kids and grandkids.
      Love, love, love, Angie 💕🧡❤💜💖💙😇

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      1. Angie, keep wrapping up warm.. The weather is so unpredictable lately, and keep doing what makes you happy.. I know I am not visiting as regular all those I follow.. Instead I am nurturing myself more .. And yes I have started to already pick up bits and pieces for stocking fillers already.. And the Shelves are already full of Christmas gifts..
        Take care my friend.. LOVE and HUGS xx ❤

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      2. I’m only doing the things that I want to finish right now, Sue. I had another stroke last night, a little bit worse than the ones before, but not yet debilitating. I’m just talking so funny now that I have to laugh at how I sound. My doc wants me in the hospital but no way for that option. The local hospital is a huge joke that is so horrible no one laughs at it. But with all of the things I want to finish before Christmas I don’t have time to be in that torture chamber anyway. So I’ll keep on doing my thing until my time is up and leave without being attached to all the tubes the doctors love so much. When my time comes I want to leave with dignity, not with artificial things keeping my heart beating long after no one is home in my brain any longer,
        So, doc told me to rest so I’m working on my quilting. I can do it here in my easy chair while listening to my favorite music. My only concession was to call Tessa’s person and let her know I’m no longer able to chase after her dog while she vacations this extra week or longer, so if she couldn’t make other arrangements I would have my son take her to a kennel for boarding until this person came home. She found someone else immediately and now I can finally get the garbage off the floor and make a dent in the cleaning. I have more energy today than I’ve had in a long time, but I’m afraid I know what that actually means from my time working for Hospice. I also know it doesn’t mean immediately. But now I have to make the difficult choice about a lot of things so my posts will be few and far between now. I hate losing track of mu friends and family on WP, but most of them don’t show up not anyway.
        Lots to do now, so I’m getting off here for the day. In case I don’t get the chance again, thank you for everything you do. You’ve always meant a lot to mel
        Angie Wink aka Kentucky Angel 😇💙💖💜❤🧡💕🌹


    1. I’m working on assorted quilts for Christmas gifts, along with more bags and several pillows. Racing time now because yesterday I had another mini stroke — worse than the ones before, so I have a lot to finish or at least get to where someone can finish them for me if the inevitable happens before then. Tessa is with someone else now while I am trying to shovel as much as possible before this sudden energy spurt fades. Too bad there aren’t a few more hours in the day. My speech patterns were changed this time — I’m speaking much slower than usual and stuttering now. Anything for a laugh, huh?

      I’ll be taking a hiatus from the blog for a while, but will try contacting you by email now as much as possible. Or, if you have a way for me to give you my phone number confidentiality, That might be easier for me — provided of course you don’t mind when I forget the word I want to say.

      Well, goodbye sounds so final, so I’m just saying farewell for now, as long as I have the option of trying again occasionally. Hugs. 😇🌹💕

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      1. My darling friend! Tonight my heart is so sad, but I’m hoping that “the inevitable” is a long time yet, for you and I are just getting to know you, and already I think of you as a soul sister. If you will email me your phone number, I will send you mine also. I get a laugh from picturing us … you with your affected speech, and me with my severe hearing loss! Why, we will be carrying on two separate conversations at once, and neither of us will have a clue! I also spoke to David tonight and shared your latest news with him. He, like I, was very sad. He cannot talk on the phone, for reasons that I won’t go into here, but since he lives in the UK, you don’t want to call him anyway! But he asked me to share his email address with you and said that he would love to hear from you and is always there for you. I will send you his email when I send you my phone number. Just shoot me a quick email so that I have your email address.

        I’m also pondering on a way to get down there to visit you sometime soon, to laugh together, talk together, share some hugs, and perhaps I can help you get your things put away. I cannot help you quilt, though! You gotta do that one all by yourself.

        Now, have a good day, try to stay upbeat, and know that I love you!

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      1. Speech is beginning to come back. What I say is another story though. Worse than ever before with phrases I never heard before. Not a good thing, specially since now have to stay away from some people in building. Shocking! hugs.

        i never heard before.

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  1. I just read your comment to Sue, and my heart stopped for a moment to think that you had another stroke! As you know, I don’t do “thoughts & prayers”, but I am keeping you in my heart and trying to send you virtual good karma. Hang in, my friend. Love ‘n hugs!

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