Inside My Brain Cell

I speak frequently about my last remaining brain cell, the result of having advanced MS.  Lately I’ve been wondering if that is still viable, since I’ve been having a series of small strokes.  These itty bitty strokes are the reason for my absence from blogging lately, since my brain, already jumbled from the MS now seems to be even more confusing becajse of the “brain farts” as I have called them in the many years that I’ve been having them.  No, they didn’t just begin recently, just seemed to accelerate and add a new dimension.  This time my speech was affected,  It’s back now and almost normal — I think, but for a few days I had to really work at forming each word, slowly, carefully, sounding it out one letter at a time, learning the basics all over again.

It only occurred to me while emailing my friend, JeanneMarie of this morning, telling her some of these things, that I am able to share some of these feelings while others who have had them might not be, so I could possibly help someone by posting this.  Most of the people who have strokes, whether major or the minor ones like mine, are not able to describe the feelings they have during the episodes.  I’m not certain I can either, but I want to try.  I also want to urge you to call for help immediately if you suspect you are having an episode like this.  It’s a “do as I say, not as I do” type of situation, since for reasons of my own I have chosen to never visit our local hospital or any doctor affiliated with it again.  

Okay, headaches sometimes accompany these episodes, but don’t always lead the way.  I do always feel light headed, dizzy, buzzing in my ears and there is a very strange sensation that just can’t be explained.  I just can’t find the right words to describe the sensation I feel just as this one hits and I know it is time to get to a chair or bed right now before I hit the floor.

Somehow I don’t think I’ve actually said anything, but hopefully something in here will help someone a little bit,  Or scare you silly.  Just keep in mind that today you can survive anything if you catch it immediately, call for help and follow the doctor’s orders.  A good diet can play a large role in your recovery.  And don’t discount the healing properties of a good nights sleep!  I would even say the old apple a day can help because of all of the wonderful vitamins and minerals packed inside each of those beautiful little globes of natural energy.


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