Just A Few Words

In case you haven’t noticed I’ve been on hiatus for several weeks.  The early winter weather has been playing havoc with my health so I’ve been taking things easy up to a certain point.

I have re-discovered the joy of quilting, especially making memory quilts, pillows and tote bags for my family.  At the moment I’m finishing up a pieced quilt and just might get up enough energy to take a quick photo of it to post.  Don’t hold your breath though, I just sat down and got comfortable after a long night of doing everything except sleeping.   Yep, that pesky insomnia is still with me and going strong.  And my computer woes are still an ongoing issue for me.  And did I ever mention the day my phones were missing in action?  Almost an incentive to no more cleaning while I have work in progress out. I was clearing a table off after cutting some fabrics and the phones, cell and home phones both, managed to get swept off the table and into the trash container.  Normally I check that particular container before emptying it because it is kept so close to my work area, but this particular day I just wanted to get the trash out, so it was already in the compacter before I noticed my phones hadn’t been ringing.  Never a good sign around here where they usually ring obnoxiously at all the worst times.  I enjoyed the quiet for a little bit, then had to go out and replace the cell phone so I could buzz people in when they visited me.  The home phone still remains MIA and might never be replaced — or maybe I’ll wait and enjoy the peace just a little bit longer.

So, here I am at 6 a.m., having been up all night and beginning to wonder what’s for breakfast, as if I didn’t know it will be whatever I make when my naval shakes hands with my spine and I have to eat something in a hurry before my sugar crashes.  I also just moved a little bit in my chair and about 25 quilt blocks that are pinned together until I get the sewing machine out again are now in a pile on the floor.  I do tend to burrow in when working and comfortable.  I suppose it could be much worse but looking at them makes me wonder how.  Now I’m going to finish this post up and get down to floor level and pick up the nights supply of work, find a good place to store them until Christmas, try to remember where that good place is a few minutes after putting the top on it …..

Have a great December!