out of the darkness


eve's apple

My college roommate Terry worked part time at our campus health center. Sounds fairly innocuous until you hear the rest: we went to Gettysburg College, which sits at the edge of 500-plus acres of unlit Civil War battlefields; we all knew dozens of ghost stories that are set there; she worked overnights; and—cheeriest of all!—her desk was right next to the window that faced them. Meaning from dusk to dawn, you’d better believe the view through that window was a solid, impenetrable, terrifying black.

(Reader: Wow, Merry Christmas to you, too, Maris. Where are you going with this?)

This time of year wants to be cheery, but there’s a dark side as well. We might as well admit it. The 1963 television special ‘Rudolph’ has a palpable melancholy about it that only dissipates in like the last seven minutes when Burl sings and the Misfit Toys get dropped from the…

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