Long Time No See Me

For the first time I can post these photos of a quilt my cousin, Greg asked me to make for his niece, Chelsey, also my cousin.  It was almost a state secret for so many months that I’m still leery about showing it, but since this is the one that got me started quilting again after so many years hiatus due to hands that wouldn’t work for me, I really wanted to show it off.  Greg actually asked me if I knew of a way to make a quilted wall hanging that would highlight University of Kentucky (Chelsey’s) and Florida State (Matt’s)  Universities, plus celebrate their marriage and son Stateler.  Had  no idea at the time what to do, but I told him I would work on it and get back to him..  I had heard of printing on fabric but never tried it myself, so I checked it out in Pinterest, my go-to for everything site and there I found a wealth of information for doing just that.  Greg also told me he wanted it to be a secret, no one was to know about it except our Aunt Marie who was present during all of the meetings we had planning it all.  I have to admit this is the first time I’ve ever kept one this well, because as my kids tell me frequently, I sure don’t have a good poker face.  It helps that Chelsey lives in Florida and I wouldn’t be running into her at any time — barring a family funeral, of course.  We were fortunate there.  Family members still remaining for this branch are all present and accounted for.  Greg took the quilt and a pillow that I threw in to go with it down at Christmas and gave them to Chelsey and told me she cried when she opened them, so they must have been okay.

Well, had more to add of some following things but WordPress keeps shutting it off.  The site is trying to force me to try the new editor and right now I don’t want them to force me to do anything new because I’m not feeling well enough to understand what they want.  Plus I can’t seem to get that old blip, blip, thingy out of my head the last time they forced a new format on me.  Oh, I’m not against new things, I just don’t think things should be fixed if they ain’t broke!  And since the last format they forced on me is working and I finally learned to use it I’m not in a huge rush to switch again!  If it gets forced on me it will probably just end my blogging career forever, since I don’t visit very often now due to the advancing vision problems and the MS spasticity



6 thoughts on “Long Time No See Me”

  1. You did a great job on the quilt!!!

    The new WP editor … I tried it twice … I found it awkward and not very user friendly … it didn’t seem to understand what I wanted to do. I expect it takes some getting used to and I think it will be easier once I do, but meanwhile, it takes twice as long to set up a post, and who has that kind of time? I’m like you … don’t try to force me … give me the option. I suspect there will come a day that we have no choice, but for now, I’m not using it because I haven’t got an extra hour to work on getting a post to look just right.

    Hugs, my friend!

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    1. They have forced 3 on me since I began blogging, but if they try for another one I’ll have to just give up. I can barely maneuver this format, much different from the one I began with on WP, and not very user friendly as far as I’m concerned, but I’m used to it now. If they start forcing the other one I’ll go to another venue, or maybe just hang it all up. My head hurts too much to have to keep learning new ways just because some teenager invented it. I’m retired and just don’t want to work at blogging when it is easier to type it out and 😇🌷send it in a letter — snail mail, of course! 🌷🌼🌻🌺🌹🎵♥🎀🕊🙏💖🦋

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      1. I hope you don’t give up blogging altogether! Perhaps this new one will be an option, for I’m like you … this one has its quirks, but I’ve learned to work with it, understand the quirks, and I’m used to it. I like learning new things, but not being forced to. My goal is to write, not to learn how to format pictures all over again! Hugs!

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