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Pictured here is a lap quilt I have been working on sorta off and on for several months.  I didn’t get in a hurry because i knew from the beginning it would be a birthday gift for my friend, Rose, simply because of the rose squares in the middle of each block.  lAst weekend, upon being invited to a pizza party by Rose, remembering her b’day is sometime in this general time frame I jumped to the wrong conclusion — that last weekend was her birthday even though that niggling little voice in my head told me I was wrong!  Once in a while I really should listen to that voice.

The result was that I pulled the quilt out of it’s hiding place and finished it immediately, missing the party by not paying attention to the time, and finished the quilt that night, taking it to her the following day with my birthday wishes attached.  A month early!!  well, at least I no longer have to rush it out of sight when she visits and she can get an extra months enjoyment from it.  I fell in love with this one — such an easy pattern, so ow the plan is to make myself one for keeping on my power chair.

Last Monday, being bored I suppose, I fell again and discovered I still don’t bounce!  Bummer!  All there is to show for that morning is a very colorful head and eye and the residual headache that accompanies concussions.  also a lot of advice from friends telling me not to do that again!  Hmmm, okay, good advice.  Now we just need someone to explain how to NOT do that again.  Not enough fun to do it just because I can, but not enough information as to what leads up to the incident to really avoid it.  More of the joy f having MS,

A few more photos for you to enjoy.


15 thoughts on “Photos and Stuff”

    1. Have you kept it up? I’ve been trying to get some of the men around here to try it but so far no luck. Of course I can’t get any of the ladies to try it either. Such crazy excuses, but I’m having a great time with it again.

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      1. No, l didn’t – l stopped it in my early teens – but it was fun, because you could really put anything in as a square and that was the fun creative bit to it. I used to look for all types of textures and colours and having a thing for both – quilting was ideal 🙂

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      2. Ah, sorry it takes me so long to reply now. I have a poltergeist in my apartment that keeps pushing me down and when that fails he hides the things I need at any given moment, forcing me to use the little energy I have trying to find it. Have you ever put something down at the very spot you are working on it, turned your head for a moment and when you turn back the item is gone? So frustrating! You should take up quilting again. It becomes relaxing after the grunt work is over and you can just sit back and enjoy the quilting part.


      3. Aha poltergeist activity – l can sympathise 100% I had very bad problems with that activity nearly forty years ago, it was an absolute nightmare and l wish you well in seeing it put away – what actions have you taken?

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      4. My youngest brother is a priest but he refuses to perform an exorcism for me. I think I need a Jesuit for that and he’s just a regular kind — retired from the parish but still chaplain at a convent and full professor at a University in town. I’ve tried putting on funny clothes and doing an exorcism of my own but so far it hasn’;t worked out very well. Have you managed to control yours? If so, how?

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      5. Well mine was years ago, when l was at home and l was around 14/15. My Mother an ex Sally girl had a priest come in, but well, l think that is a story that is best explained in a fuller form that just a comment 🙂

        But the end result was that the poltergeist activity was due to the intense internal conflicts in the house at the time.

        Have you tried saging?

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      6. I’ve tried everything I could think of but he/she remains on. I think it must like the atmosphere because it just won’t leave. I probably will be able to find a Jesuit now that Easter is over for the moment.

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  1. You should try it again. There are so many wonderful textures and colors out now that it is more fun than ever before. I’m printing photos on fabric now and making quilts with the photos that seem to reflect the most for each person I make them for. That is even more fun than the old squares were, plus the squares can also be added to fill in where there are no photos.


    1. Thank you MM. As you can probably tell I’m not online very much any more. Fortunately there have not been any more falls (knock on wood), and I’m back in physical therapy to maybe, hopefully help with the balance problems. I don’t think anything at all can be done with the vision part, but I still have my vision even though it is blurry at times. Life is good right now. Love ya! 😇💖💘❤♥🧡💙💜🎵🌷🌹🌼🌻🌺💝🕊🦋😇


      1. I have noticed it. JM mentioned you the other day when I saw her so I wanted to find you! So happy to hear from you! ❤ I'm on my computer catching up so I don't have all my emojis. ❤ I admire your strength. ❤

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      2. It was great texting today. I’m still puppy sitting and enjoying her company today. she’s spending most of her time curled up on one of my fleece throws and sleeping the day away.


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