Wind Not In The Willows

A few days ago we had a storm like no other recent one.  Or maybe it is just like some only I am in an apartment now where I hear the wind “roar” and “howl” as I have never heard them before.  I’ve heard the expressions before, about the wind howling around the corners, but like most people just figured it was close to poetic license, just a way of trying to express the feeling of that wind.  I won’t make that mistake again.  It really does howl and to me it sounded like it was trying to get in.

So, here’s how it began.  Our warm sunny day was suddenly changing to a cloudy day.  I could hear the rain begin, moving in from the Northwest and slamming against my window, but was totally unprepared for the next sound.  I live in the apartment that is in the northwest corner of the building and on the 16th floor, so the noise is much louder here when the weather changes.  I might add that the climate is also just plain frigid!  It could be age, but for some reason it all seems much colder now than it did a few years ago.  I glanced out my window and watched the puffy white clouds beginning to become angry grey clouds.  The raindrops were large, almost dime sized as they pounded on my window, and then I heard the whimper of the wind becoming more aggressive, like a lover who was denied entrance to the bower of his lady love.  First it sounded unbelievable that he was not invited in and he roared in protest.  When that didn’t open the door he began to howl his anger at the elements that kept him on the outside, hurling himself against the windows again and again in futile protest against the safety glass that kept him mainly on the outside.  I was beginning to consider him a very rude guest at the party when the roars and howls combined and he hurled himself at my windows in gusts that exceeded 55 mph, sounding for all it was worth like a pack of angry wild dogs, perhaps even wolves held at bay.  I can only surmise this however, having never actually heard wolves howling except in movies.

This seemed to go on forever, but the storm moved out late in the afternoon, long after dark and the ensuing silence was more deafening than the wind.  In the silence I could hear myself breathe, could hear the sighing whisper of a very tired breeze as it settled in for the night, and I decided to settle in also.

On a very sad note, I have written before about my neighbor, Jerry and his little dog, Angel.  A few weeks ago, and has it really been weeks?  It seems more like hours, I could hear Angel crying in their apartment.  I couldn’t get in to check on her but the reason for her mourning was discovered the next day when Jerry was found in his apartment, dead from the cancer that had been killing him for some time.  Angel is now living with Jerry’s daughter and I have heard that she is getting adjusted to the situation.  RIP Jerry.  I miss you.  And Angel, you are really an angel, watching over our friend during that long night. I miss you running in each time I open my door but now I am beginning to open it again after remaining here behind closed doors for a few long days and nights.


7 thoughts on “Wind Not In The Willows”

  1. Still in the same apartment but now I go outside it for the sunshine (when we have that). Just too hard to leave for awhile because I was so used to Angel running out her door to greet me. Today I’m just enjoying Tessa’s company. My emoji’s aren’t working for some reason and I have no idea why they are so picky. Love you.


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