Big Surprise — Two In A Row

Just checking out how a new background is going to fly here.  Can you tell how bored I am at the moment?  I only do this when I’m bored and that can be dangerous.  I’ve erased my entire hard drive before when I’m tired and/or bored.

So, here are a few more photos of my current projects.

And here are a couple of photos my daughter took a couple of weeks ago out at the farm.  I remember this field so well — used to gather arm loads of daffodils that are growing wild all over the place.

I still miss this place.

Ya’ll have a great night — something I should do myself here.  G’nite all.


9 thoughts on “Big Surprise — Two In A Row”

  1. Boredom is never a good thing, especially if you’re going to get creative and zap your hard drive! Perhaps you should have stayed in the campaign after all. Great sewing projects, my friend, and I especially love the pillow with the tuxedo cat … reminds me of our long-gone Spooky. But … the field of daffodils … be still my heart! Love it! I think if I woke to that view every morning, I would start every day on a happy foot! Hugs!

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    1. The daffy down dilly is a favorite of mine. My kids always brought me arm loads of them. As nice as it was to wake up to them it was even nicer to fall asleep to the perfume of all the wildflowers growing around us.

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      1. I much prefer wildflowers to hothouse flowers! We have a good crop of dandelions in our back yard at the moment, and I just love them! Last year, the lawn company mowed them down, then sprayed to keep them down. 😥 Not only that, but they pulled up the sunflowers I had planted in front! I was so mad/hurt I sat on the steps and cried for half-hour! This year, I placed things all around so that they couldn’t mow where the dandelions were growing! 😀

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      2. I once had some peonies planted in my yard. My nephew was given the job of mowing the lawn as a punishment of some kind. He mowed the peony down, I put blocks around it when it showed signs of life again, he mowed again and moved the blocks so he could do a good job on it again. After the fourth time the poor little peony gave up and didn’t try to come back again. I shed some tears of grief and anger both over that. He also got an earful of my opinion of his conduct.

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      3. Awww … poor peonies … they tried their best. How old was this nephew at the time? I probably would have made him buy more and plant them for me! I presume you’ve since forgiven him?

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      4. I’m reallu behind in my computer work. Sorry bout that! The kid was 14 i think, but it’s been so long I just remember those poor peonies trying to live and being yanked out of their bed like that.

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      5. I hear you! I am perpetually in a state of “behind-ness”, as you likely know by the fact that I haven’t written lately! Here are some flowers to bring a smile and make up for the peonies 🌻🌷🌼🌹🌸🌺 Hugs!

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    1. And the rain today is another but not as welcome here as the daffodils. And thank you for the comment about the dolls. They keep me occupied when I can’t get out of the apartment.


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