Just Dropping By


This is a poem I wrote a few years ago.  I had been reminiscing about things past and this just came out of the blue.  It was only good fortune that I had a pad and pen handy to write it down.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it.


6 thoughts on “Just Dropping By”

    1. Thank you Pink Angel Friend. And once again I glance at the clock and see that I’m still online and about to slide off my chair onto my dignity! I enjoyed writing this one and did some photo editing to put it on the background page. Not quite as professional as what you do (not by a long shot) but it was a quickie job. Love ya, and I’m still going to message you tonight so I won’t forget again and you will have my new phone number. 😇💖💝♥❤💘💕💟

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  1. Thanks MM. A few years ago I could do almost anything with the photos, including putting one of the nurse’s head on Jennifer Aniston’s body. The nurse I worked with was crazy about Brad Pitt and just wanted his arms around her even if it was only in a photo. It was a fun way to give the people I worked with something special for special occasions. Not the best idea I ever had. Love to you, Pink Angel Friend! ❤


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