Thoughts and Feelings

Not sure what this will be about, but I just spent a few moments reading some of MichelleMarie’s posts in and as always she inspired me.  Now my mind is filled with memories and feelings from so long ago I can’t even remember when they all happened.  So I have put a few photos in here, the ones of the daffodils taken this past spring of one of the gentle hills on one of the farms.  Each spring those hills are all filled with the sweet smelling daffodils which come back year after year.  They were one of the first sights to greet me when I moved to the farm as a new bride in 1964.

The woods are always filled with redbud and dogwood trees, not as many now after so much of the wooded area has been cleared out, but at the time I lived out there they were filled with beauty.  The air was filled with the song of birds and the lowing of the cattle that were run on this part of the farm, and almost always in the background the sound of farm equipment, tractors, hay balers during this part of the summer, and all of the many different implements that seem necessary to run a farm these days.  My memories, being older than most of the dirt on this farm, can take me back to even gentler days when the equipment was smaller and in most cases non-existent for my family.  We had a small tractor with a one row plow, a small disk and even smaller planter.  Of course, Dad only needed that much for our 5 acres when I was growing up out on Highway 81.  The hill of daffodils is in Philpot, on the other side of the county.  At that time Philpot was reached by driving miles and miles on a narrow road mostly known for all of the one lane bridges that took us over the ever winding Panther Creek.

My favorite story of how Panther Creek got its name is one of some pioneers a couple hundred years ago who were camping on the banks of the creek.  During the night their sleep was interrupted by the growling of what I have heard described as the largest, blackest panther any of the campers had ever seen.  I have no idea if the story is true or not, but it makes me smile to think of how those poor campers must have felt with a large Panther roaming just outside the camp area, kept at bay by the campfire.  In the morning the Panther was gone and the previously unknown creek had a name — Panther Creek.  It is also one of the longest creeks in the area, or so I have heard.  I’m not sure how long the creekbed is but some of my early memories are of playing on the banks of that creek as a child, swinging on grape vines across it, hiking up and down those banks with my cousins and school friends, and my first kiss under one of the bridges on Highway 81 where I played “spin the bottle” with cousins and friends.  Can’t say it was much of a kiss but then again, we were in the 5th grade, and back in those days we were children much longer than today.  I guess I was 10 years old that summer, and the guy I kissed was 11.  Yeah, we were really goofy back then.

The Autumn photos here were all taken within a few blocks of my building.  The one of the tall building is where I live today and have lived for the past 19 years.  A couple of the photos were taken from my window, but some from my cruises around the area in my power chair.  Now I’m looking forward to cooler weather when I can get out again and cruise a long time more in the latest of my power chairs.  And below are a few shots of my new wheels.  I hope to some day get enough accustomed to driving it, or even more, to turning it around in my narrow hall without gouging holes in the walls that it will be as easy for me as my Hoveround was.  This one will recline and will let me raise my feet and legs to more comfortable positions, so even though it is longer it is more comfortable in the long run.  I just really need to spend some time practising that turn in my hall.

And now I’m going to give in to the pain in my shoulder, check out a few more of your latest posts and renew some friendships that have been allowed to lie dormant while I have been recovering from a bad fall and serious concussion in February.   Peace to all.


14 thoughts on “Thoughts and Feelings”

    1. I keep checking each time I fall to see if I can bounce yet. So far the floor is still winning that one, but maybe some day in the future I will be like Tigger and have a tail to bounce on.
      Just read your tribute to your mother and love it so much. Interesting to realize I’m 3 years older than she was when you wrote that. And 4 years ago I lost my mom at the still young age of 96. I have a photo of her taken the year before and she was still so young and vibrant at the time. I’m so thankful that she didn’t suffer long.
      I love you also….Angie

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      1. It’s been 4 years now and I still pick up the phone at times and dial her number before I remember that she won’t be answering. Funny that I still do that. She was also abusive and never missed an opportunity to tell me how much she never wanted me. Her last words to me on the day she died were :get out of here and take your junk with you., I never wanted you., I want Tony”. So I called Tony for her, got chewed out by him because the PT was pushing her too hard and I stopped the session when she began crying from the pain, and never saw her alive again. I guess I was more than she could handle when I was young because at one time she told me it took her 3 years to break my spirit. And it took me 50 to regain some of it! Wonder what that says about me?

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  1. Wow thank you so much for mentioning me, ​and I’m thankful for you! So happy when I see you posting and sharing again! I love all your photos and the photos of your awesome ride that keeps you mobile! I’m so blessed to see you here and thank you for the beautiful mention! Much much love to you! ❤ xoxo

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    1. Always happy to mention you MM. Even happier when I can remember the name of your blog with this Swiss cheesy brain of mine. Considering the fact that at times I can’t remember my own name I think everything I do remember is very important to me. I love you so much, think about you frequently and wonder about Alex all the time. I hope she is doing well and able to get out and enjoy life also. I can certainly recommend my ride if she needs one, and if she is a better driver than I. Right now trying to match the paint so I can finish repairing my walls, lol. ❤


    1. It was nice to find my voice again, Irene. It has been so long since I was able to just sit and write a post without running into so many problems it became easier to just let it go. The MS is acting up again and not a bit pleasant, so I’ve just been giving in to it without giving up, but now I think I can get past it again.
      I actually turned my new machine around in that teeny little hall this morning without touching the walls or the door. Success at last. Now to try to keep it going each time I go outside!
      I’ve missed you also and so happy to hear from you again. ❤

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      1. Good that you are learning your new machine to know, Angie 🙂 You will soon be a master.
        I wish for you to get much time without the MS is acting bad.
        I haven’t been blogging much either, but started up reading and commenting at the other blogs. Now I made few posts, but more will follow, when I have the energy. Take care ❤

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  2. Thank you Irene. I have to say that I am and have been very lucky as far as the MS goes. Not that many people my age are still living, especially since it became active 65 years ago when I was 11. Since I can’t remember much about life before MS it all just seems normal to me. And there are so many things so much worse than what I have that I just can’t find much reason to fuss or be unhappy. Not to say I don’t do my share of complaining, but that doesn’t last long.
    I hope and pray your health will allow you to blog again, although I have to admit I don’t spend as much time now on the computer. Most of my time now is spent working on the quilts I’m making for family and friends, and since I do that by hand it takes up a lot of the time. All in all I wouldn’t change my life for any other in the world. Life is good, and would be even better if I didn’t make so many typos! My fingers are getting very fat!


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