Where Oh Where Has The Time Gone?

It was springtime only yesterday and now I will be attending one of the last Fall Festivals in the area later this morning.  And from there it will be countdown to Christmas.  But whatever happened to Thanksgiving?  That one seems to be a forgotten holiday now, along with Columbus Day, once a nice Federal holiday.

It hasn’t been that long since the hill on the farm was covered with daffodils, and now they await next spring.  The Autumn photos were taken a few years ago because I just haven’t been out riding around enough to see anything worth photographing this year.  My health has not been of the best and most of my time, with the exception of a weekly visit with my only living Aunt, is spent here at home, mostly working on quilts that I’m making for my family and friends.  I have about 18 quilt tops sewn  together, a dozen of them pinned to the backing and ready to quit or in various stages of being quilted, while I just finished binding the sixth one for the year.  Don’t be too impressed — most of them are lap sized with the largest was a twin size.  But so much fun to do again, taking me back several years to a time when I made king sized ones.

I should explain that I am working on so many at the same time because what I am able to do depends on which joints and muscles are working at the time.  Each action requires a different set of muscles, so like everyone else, I do what I can as I can and pray that I will get more of them finished before my time to leave this realm comes.  At least they all keep me off the street corners at night.

These are just a few of the quilts I’m working on at the moment and they are all my favorites.  But I guess if I had to choose the ones I love the most it would be the two family memory quilts, one using a cousin’s family photos and UK Wildcats fabric for sashing and the other with my own family black and white photos on a red background and black and white sashing around each photo.  I have a dozen or more of those quilts planned, mainly because I’m from a large family and want to use every photo I have on enough quilts to cover the entire family.  Who knows?  Given enough time anything is possible!


16 thoughts on “Where Oh Where Has The Time Gone?”

    1. What a wonderful compliment Irene. I think I caught the quilting fever from my own grandmom. She kept everyone in the family well supplied with quilts. I think one of my sisters has the only quilt of hers that is still remaining.

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      1. I would also have mine if my sister hadn’t found it first. But that’s okay since she loves quilts as much as I do and has a much better place to display it. We each have some our mother made during her lifetime and I guess I’ve made one or two for everyone in the family. They make such wonderful gifts. ❤

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      1. You’re right about people thinking you’re joking after a certain age, but there’s an upside to that. You can get by with things at our age that would have earned us scorn and ridicule 30 years ago. For example, dancing and singing at the top of your lungs in the grocery store parking lot! People just look at us now and smile, thinking how cute that a little ol’ lady can still be so spunky! They don’t realize that on the inside we are still only in our 20s!!! Big hugs!

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