I’m Haunted By A Poltergeist!

I actually began this post a few years ago and somehow it got sent to drafts.  Nothing has changed since then though ghost-wise.  The poltergeist is still here and at times becomes a lot more active than I like to experience.  He/she is constantly moving my stuff.  Today I put a remote down on the arm of my chair while I re-positioned my aching derriere and when I turned back to that particular spot the remote was gone!  I spent most of the day looking for that one little thingy, finding it just a few minutes ago (and hours after the movie I wanted to watch but couldn’t change the channel for).  It was in a plastic container with my quilting needles, scissors, and other misc.  And it was at least four feet from my chair!  I’m not even speculating about how this happened.  I haven’t been in that corner of the room for a few days and since I had to use the remote to turn the television on this morning I ke days usually requires a contortionistic ability that I have never possessed.  I made up a word here, did you notice?  That bright red line under it always lets me know these things.

Last weekend I found one of my plates (the kind I eat on, not the kind my teeth are attached to) behind some shelves near the window.  Don’t ask.  I don’t remember now why I was looking for anything there, but either my poltergeist put it there or I sure have some kind of large pest that dragged it there.  Don’t think I want to think about that one very long!  I’ll already have nightmares just from remembering it the way it is now.

Okay, I give up.  I’ve written one paragraph three times now and it keeps disappearing.  I don’t think I’m hitting a wrong button — at least not three times in a row, so I guess my poltergeist doesn’t want me to write about him and more.  It has to be a male ghost.  A female one would enjoy being given a spotlight.  So I’ll quit while I’m ahead — again.  A.


2 thoughts on “I’m Haunted By A Poltergeist!”

    1. How can they possibly be there and then gone? One of mine was lost for three weeks one time and then I found it right where it lives — in the pocket of my chair. I lost count of the times I searched that pocket with no luck. So when it turned up I wrote a story called “The Silly Saga of A Sad Remote”.
      And all week I’ve been putting some greeting cards away when they keep turning up everywhere. Yesterday I needed a card for a friend and searched all day for the ones that were always in my way and couldn’t find any….until really late when I opened a folder and there they were! It’s the revenge of the poltergeist! 😅😣😣😰👼


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